‘Seven Year Switch’ Recap: One Wife Tells Another That Her Husband ‘Doesn’t Give a F–k’ About Her

Denial is a river in Egypt — and a state of being for some of the individuals participating in Seven Year Switch. On the Tuesday, February 7, episode of the relationship reality show, individuals came face-to-face with their real spouse’s temporary mates. As with most things, some handled these meetings better than others, and it seemed that two of the participants were dead set on causing pain.

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Liliya, Heather, Tony and Aaron Act Like Adults

Liliya was clearly bothered by the revelation that Heather had gotten in the hot tub — at night, with wine — with her husband, Tony. That said, Liliya was both an adult and a lady about the whole situation. She pointed out that she was hurt that Heather and Tony had grown so close so quickly and said she “couldn’t believe” they had opted to wear their temporary wedding rings on their same fingers with their real ones. Heather ended up confessing that she didn’t feel like Aaron would ever say he missed her the way she had witnessed Tony saying that about Liliya, but for the most part their chat was mature and upbeat.

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Meanwhile, Aaron told Tony that while he had not slept in the same bed as Liliya, she had offered to let him when they found themselves in a room that had only one, and a very hard floor. Tony was taken aback by that news, because not sharing a bed with their temporary spouses was one of the basic ground rules he and Liliya had set. 

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Back home with their temporary spouses, it honestly seemed like all four of them were getting the message. Aaron was learning to cook to show Heather he appreciated her. Heather vowed to be more vocal about her needs and to get more on top of her career, and Liliya and Tony both seemed thoughtful about their union and how they might strengthen it, though they each had (seemingly healthy) things to consider.

Dustin Gets Drunk, Basically Tells James to Give Up

Let’s first establish the fact that Dustin helped himself to five shots before his sit-down with James. “From everything [Kelsey] tells me, she’s not happy,” Dustin said with a smile. He then politely asked James if wanted “the PG version or the real version,” warning James that the real version “was going to be upsetting” for him. Though James didn’t really give a straight answer to that, Dustin kept talking, telling James that Kelsey had “thought multiple times about divorce” and had only stayed with him because she didn’t want to disappoint her dad.

James looked like he was going to throw up. “She almost doesn’t want the sweet guy. She wants 50 Shades of Grey,” Dustin added. “She wants someone who’s going to be aggressive toward her.” James mumbled that if Dustin was telling the truth, he had no idea where his own marriage was going to end up.

He then tried telling Dustin that Jaclyn didn’t feel like he was emotionally supportive of her. Dustin replied that he was “always down to party.” James sighed and told Dustin that’s not the same thing. The conversation shifted to James and Jaclyn referring to their spouses as kids. Dustin said it cracked him up that Jaclyn calls him a kid because he’s “got a huge penis.” (Insert every grossed out, nauseated, so-over-this-man-child emoji you have ever seen here.) Their meeting paled in comparison to the one between Jaclyn and Kelsey, however.

James and Jaclyn Karolina Wojtasik/FYI

Kelsey Breaks Jaclyn’s Heart and Enjoys It

After Jaclyn called Kelsey out for getting drunk and rubbing her hands all over Dustin’s body, Kelsey replied, “I feel like Dustin and I are very comfortable with each other.” She then said that Dustin was more open when he was drunk, and conveniently, he started drinking at 10 a.m. every day. Jaclyn asked Kelsey why she didn’t “hide” the liquor, and Kelsey shrugged, “He’s going to do what he’s going to do.” To the camera, Jaclyn said she thought Kelsey was “dumb” and bet she could “take her down” if they got in a fight.

Kelsey was weirdly enjoying watching Jaclyn squirm, though, and decided to dig the sword in a little deeper. “My rule was don’t hold her hand and don’t sleep in bed with her,” Jaclyn said as they discussed the boundaries that had been set. “And if he did? What would you do?” Kelsey asked with a smile. “I guess you would cause a divorce,” Jaclyn said, tight-lipped and trying to hold back tears. Somewhere in there, Jaclyn had tried to get Kelsey to talk about James, but she’d brushed it off, saying Jaclyn didn’t know what she was talking about because she wasn’t seeing the real James.

Kelsey then told Jaclyn that Dustin “does not act married” at all and “should honestly not be married.” In case Jaclyn’s heart wasn’t shredded enough just yet, Kelsey added, “Honestly, it feels like he does not love you. … He just doesn’t give a f–k about you. I don’t know how you don’t see that.” She then asked Kelsey what she liked about Dustin at all. When Jaclyn said she felt like Dustin put her on a pedestal and would never cheat on her, Kelsey asked, “Are you sure about that?” with yet another smile. When Jaclyn couldn’t take it any longer, she stormed off. “I’m fine that this conversation is over because I’m going back to her man,” Kelsey cooed. Gross.

Kelsey and Dustin Laugh About Their Meetings

Back home, Kelsey called Jaclyn “a bitch” and admitted to Dustin that she had intentionally pushed Jaclyn’s buttons. He thought that was funny, so maybe that means he’s a terrible person? (OK, maybe he’s not terrible, but he’s certainly coming across that way on this show.) They then both agreed they felt like they’d known each other for a long time and that they’d had a lot of fun together.

“Would I give up one for the other?” Dustin asked, pointing out he had a wife already. (Oh, he remembered!) “That’s a hard decision to make.” He apparently missed the memo that this exercise wasn’t actually about replacing his current wife with a new one, but whatever. “We’re a good team,” Kelsey said as she cuddled up beside him. “The best team,” he added. It’s hard to argue with that.

Suffice it to say that Jaclyn and James were not feeling so hot about their meetings. Jaclyn broke down in tears over how “mean” Kelsey was, while James seemed really somber after hearing how heartless his wife had been both to Jaclyn and to him. He told Jaclyn that she was “awesome,” and Dustin was an “a–hole.” One of the experts, Charles, then paid these two a visit to try to get them to each see the reality they were facing based on their spouses’ behavior, but it wasn’t clear if his message had really sunk in. We will find out soon enough, however.

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