‘Seven Year Switch’ Recap: Wife Wants New Husband to Get ‘Rough’ With Her, He Says He’s Open to Cheating

Is it hot in here, or is it just Dustin and Kelsey? On the Tuesday, January 17, episode of Seven Year Switch, all of the new (temporary!) couples seemed to be doing well — but one of them was doing maybe a little too well. “We’re going to have a lot of fun,” resident bad boy Dustin promised his new wife, Kelsey. It wasn’t clear if she was even listening, though, because she seemed pretty distracted by her new husband’s “amazing body” and “beautiful eyes.”

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Later, the fun-loving duo headed to the gym, where Dustin showed Kelsey fighting moves from his MMA days. “Oh, my God, it’s like cement!” Kelsey chirped after punching Dustin’s abs. To the camera, she added, “I’m hoping he’ll get a little rough because I’m into that.” Umm … noted. They ended the day by discussing their sex lives and confirming that each of them was the more adventurous one in their respective relationships.

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Jaclyn and James Bond Over Being Adults

In another neck of the woods, their spouses, Jaclyn and James, were getting to know each other as well. When James prepared eggs for Jaclyn, Jaclyn realized how truly disconnected she and Dustin were. James was clearly impressed by how “responsible” Jaclyn was compared to Kelsey — though to be fair, that bar seemed pretty low.

Jaclyn and James went on a run together, and she was delighted that he didn’t just take off and leave her behind like Dustin would. This small act of kindness paled in comparison, however, to what a “relief” it was to Jaclyn that she didn’t have to worry she would be arguing with her husband all day.

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Later, James opened up about his hot dog stand business. As they noshed on what appeared to be hot dogs coated in cream cheese (#winning), he confessed that instead of supporting his dreams, Kelsey was busy spending off their money. This hit home with Jaclyn, who said Dustin “lives in the moment” and had no real goals. “I think if I was married to James, I would probably be happier because life would be less stressful,” she said. Later, she asked James if he wanted to sleep in the same bed, but he said no. She sighed and admitted to the camera that she “wouldn’t mind” if he had wanted to shack up … just putting that out there.

Aaron and Liliya Practically Starve

Aaron and Liliya quickly bonded over their mutual career ambitions and passion for working out. They headed to the beach together, where Aaron trained his temporary wife. He described the ER doc as “put together nicely” and said he could “definitely” see himself with someone like Liliya.

After their workout, they grabbed some takeout, since they realized neither of them could cook. Liliya got Russian food in an attempt to share her culture with him, but it turned out to be barely edible. In that moment, Liliya realized (at least for a moment) that she “would be lost” without Tony.

Aaron and Liliya Karolina Wojtasik/FYI

Heather Breaks Down Crying

Liliya wasn’t the only one lost without her spouse. Despite Tony’s best efforts to keep Heather happy, she was soon in tears, crying about how much she missed Aaron. They were both used to being around their spouses almost all the time (at least when their spouses were home), and they were really torn up about the forced separation. “This is just way out of my comfort zone,” Heather said to Tony through tears.

Heather finally got it together enough to go surfing, something she had always wanted to try, but knew Aaron would never be game. Tony went to support her, even though he wasn’t super psyched about the activity himself. In a moment of self-reflection, Tony admitted that he and Liliya hadn’t done anything fun since their honeymoon. Yikes.

Later, Tony and Heather put the hot tub at their house to use. He couldn’t help but notice her “beach-ready bikini body” — though he soon realized he had never been in a hot tub with Liliya and worried she might be mad at him for jumping into one with Heather. When Liliya and Aaron got a glimpse of footage of Tony and Heather chatting, they clearly felt badly about how sad their spouses were. When Tony said he needed more “emotional support” from Liliya, she actually looked like she might cry too … but she didn’t.

Dustin and Kelsey Karolina Wojtasik/FYI

Dustin and Kelsey Say Things Are Going “Too Good”

When Dr. Jessica Griffin dropped in to see how things were going, Dustin plunked down on the sofa in front of her and cracked a beer. “Maybe too good,” he said with a smile. He then went on to say that cheating hadn’t really been an issue in his marriage before, but now that he was in a house with Kelsey, it had crossed his mind. Kelsey, who sat next to him and giggled like a teenager, reiterated that he was “super hot” and “super fun.” The expert said she felt like she was sitting with two high school students, which seemed pretty accurate.

Asked more directly about the possibility of cheating, Dustin shrugged and said, “If it happened, it happened. You don’t recover from it.” Asked if they cared what their spouses (who were paired together as well) were doing, Dustin said, “At this point, I don’t.” He wasn’t lying.

Jaclyn Threatens to “Kill” Kelsey

Jaclyn and James were not nearly as laid-back about the video footage they saw of their spouses hanging all over each other. Jaclyn counted how many drinks Kelsey had over the course of the night (at least four), getting angrier with every pour. “And now she’s touching him,” Jaclyn said as her brow furrowed. 

“It’s kind of like James and I, we’re here by ourselves working on our marriages while our spouses are out getting drunk every day,” Jaclyn grumbled. Yep, that’s exactly what it is.

“I feel angry. I feel jealousy because she is touching my husband, and that’s inappropriate. I’m going to kill her,” Jaclyn promised.

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