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‘Siesta Key’ Sneak Peek: Madisson, 25, Tells Chloe She’s Dating Their Former Producer, 46 (Exclusive)

Siesta Key Sneak Peek Madisson Tells Chloe Shes Dating Their Former Producer
Madisson and Chloe in a sneek peek of 'Siesta Key'.MTV (2)

This is … awkward! Brandon Gomes and Madisson Hausburg are officially over when season 3 of Siesta Key premieres — and she’s moved on. In Us Weekly‘s exclusive sneak peek of the Tuesday, January 7, episode, Madisson, 25, meets up with Chloe Trautman to tell her all about her new relationship.

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“I’ve been seeing someone,” Madisson says awkwardly. Chloe, 25, looks concerned immediately. “Do I know who it is? You’re freaking me out,” she responds.

After a moment of silence, Madisson drops the news: “I’m dating our producer Ish. Do you remember him from season 1?”

Siesta Key Sneak Peek Madisson Tells Chloe Shes Dating Their Former Producer
MTV (2)

Shocked is an understatement for Chloe’s response, as she worked with Ish — whose real name is Ismael Soto — in the first season of the reality show. First, she asks if he’s going to come out of the bushes somewhere. Madisson reassures her that he’s not there at the moment — but he will be soon.

“He’s your boyfriend? I’m gonna freak the f–k out,” she tells Madisson. “This is nuts.”

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With that, Chloe chugs her entire glass of wine before asking the million-dollar question: “How old is he?”

Siesta Key Sneak Peek Madisson Tells Chloe Shes Dating Their Former Producer
Courtey Judy Strong/Instagram

Madisson then casually reveals that the producer — who has worked on Big Brother, Kitchen Nightmares and The Amazing Race — is 46. Chloe then responds, “It’s fine, he could be our dad.”

In a recent interview with Us, Brandon, 24, revealed that while he was surprised by the relationship between Madisson and Ish, he just hopes she’s happy.

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“I don’t really know too much exactly about the relationship, but as long as she’s happy, then I’m happy,” he said. “We’re definitely cool. I’m definitely not going to do what I did last time, you know? I don’t really let things sit on my conscious too much and I don’t really have any hate in my heart. So I just let it dissolve how it did and you know, I’m happy she’s happy now.”

Season 3 of Siesta Key premieres on Tuesday, January 7, at 9 p.m. ET.

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