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‘Siesta Key’ Premiere: Kelsey Owens Doubts Chloe Trautman Has Really Changed in New Sneak Peek

Chloe Trautman changed her life this year — but not everyone believes her. In Us Weekly‘s exclusive sneak peek of the Siesta Key season 4 premiere, Kelsey Owens and Madisson Hausburg discuss her big changes.

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“I haven’t talked to Chloe at all. I know we had our falling out but she’s on her own journey obviously,” Madisson, 27, tells Kelsey, 24, who responds, “Yeah, have you caught on to her new journey?”

Kelsey Doubts Chloes Journey Siesta Key Sneak Peek Shes Changing
Kelsey and Chloe. MTV/Youtube

Madisson adds that she’s “seen a lot” about the transformation Chloe, 25, is going through and that it “seems great.” When she says Chloe appears to be a “totally new person,” Kelsey can’t help but laugh.

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“I think she claims that she reinvented herself,” the By Kelsey Owens designer says. “She’s not changing. She’s backstabbed everyone. She’s talked about everyone behind her back. Like, there’s not one person she hasn’t.”

The Metamorphosis Retreat founder announced in January that she was stepping away from the show to focus on bettering herself. She went vegan, stopped drinking and launched her own company, Concept by Chloe, exclusively telling Us ahead of the premiere that she just knew it was time.

Siesta Key Season 4 Cast

“The most difficult thing this season is that before we started filming, I went through a pretty big transformation and I’ve really done some inner work,” the reality star recently shared. “When we first started filming, the patterns of who I’ve been in the past came right up, right away. So, to just work through [and] not fall into the same old patterns of getting involved in the negative talk about others and all of that, it was really challenging.”

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In the clip above, Amanda Miller shoots a new promo video with Chloe for Concept by Chloe.

“Who would have thought that Chloe Trautman would be vegan, single and running her own business a year ago,” Amanda, 24, tells her. “I kind of miss my drinking buddy but I understand. I get it. You’re healthy! You did literally a 360.”

Siesta Key premieres on MTV Wednesday, May 12, at 8 p.m. ET.

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