‘Suits’ Recap: Harvey Blows Up After Kiss With Donna, Jessica Is Disavowed


We should’ve known that Darvey kiss wouldn’t be the happy beginning of Donna and Harvey’s long-awaited pairing. The aftermath of the smooch played out in much harsher fashion during the Wednesday, March 28, episode of Suits, titled “Hard Truths.”

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Not Just a Kiss

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) was furious with Donna (Sarah Rafferty) after she kissed him unexpectedly because he was in a relationship with Paula. His first instinct was to ask Paula to move in with him, but she declined, saying she didn’t want to rush things. Harvey proceeded to take out his frustrations on Donna at work, booting her from meetings and embarrassing her during an interview with a potential senior partner. Donna confronted Harvey and told him she felt nothing when she kissed him, but Harvey was still upset she’d made him a cheater.

Harvey decided to tell Paula — two days after the kiss happened — and she was understandably upset he’d asked her to move in with him right after locking lips with Donna. After Donna apologized and Harvey asked her for advice about making Mike (Patrick J. Adams) a senior partner, which she told him not to do, Harvey acknowledged that Donna has always put him before herself, and they hugged it out, leaving their relationship status up in the air — but what else is new? Later, Harvey told Paula about sleeping with Donna years ago, and her response was nothing but stunned silence.

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Drop the Pearson

Though Jessica didn’t make an appearance, her impending disbarment was hotly debated. Harvey and Louis (Rick Hoffman) tried to stall the announcement, but ultimately, time wasn’t on their side. Louis suggested the firm put out a statement disavowing Jessica so they could get approval from a former name partner to restructure and buy Jessica out. Harvey reluctantly agreed to endorse it once he had Jessica’s blessing.

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Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane and Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross on Suits Ian Watson/USA Network


Alex gave Mike one of his major clients, and of course, it came with a problem. Mike asked Rachel (Meghan Markle) to help him with the case, but she said she was too busy. Mike sensed something shady was going on with the company, so Rachel looked into it further and discovered fraud. She and Mike teamed up, which led Mike to suggest they work together on cases more often. Rachel countered that they should collaborate on something else: planning their wedding.

Suits airs on USA Network Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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