Superstore’s Colton Dunn: Garrett ‘Hates That He Might Love’ Dina

Colton Dunn and Lauren Ash Superstore
Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

Paging Cloud 9 shoppers! Garrett and Dina are ready to get back to work — but will they do so as a couple?

“Something is going to happen,” Colton Dunn, who plays sarcastic associate Garrett in the NBC comedy Superstore, exclusively tells Us Weekly. “For whichever way it goes I can’t tell you, but it’s definitely worth a watch.”

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Garrett and Dina (Lauren Ash) last left off in a screaming match because Dina didn’t give him a helmet during a tornado that destroyed their workplace — even though they’ve fooled around on several occasions. “It’s very much a primal thing with the two of them. There’s not a lot of words exchanged, there’s not a long of flirting going on,” he tells Us. When asked if Garrett may actually have feelings, he adds: “I think it’s hard not to when you are in one of those kinds of situations. It really is a very much love/hate relationship. He really hates that he might love her.”

A near-death experience may not necessarily bring them together, though. (But let’s hope it does.) “Everybody is kind of a little bit thrown from the storm but kind of happy to be back,” Dunn, 40, says. “You are going to expect more of the same from Garrett. He does kind of come to terms with whatever it was — relationship, friendship — whatever he had with Dina. It doesn’t necessarily work out the way he thought it was going to. He thought he was getting a helmet out of the deal.”

Lauren Ash and Colton Dunn Superstore
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As for his favorite scene between the two? “The Halloween episode when she was wearing her sexy police officer outfit,” the Key and Peele writer tells Us, laughing. “Not only Dina enjoyed that outfit but so did Lauren. It was just very funny to try to keep a straight face with somebody who is using their bosom as another character.”

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For more, read the rest of his Q&A below:

US: What was your audition like?

CD: The audition was fun. This script was something I really liked, which was exciting … I had no idea [how it went]. I left to have two more auditions that day and then went home. You certainly don’t think anything of it after it’s done. And was super excited to get the callback and then cast. To get picked up for one season, then two seasons, and now three seasons — I feel very lucky.

US: Did you test with any of the other actors?

CD: I tested with the casting director and producers. The people I was testing with were just other Garretts.

US: What do you think his backstory is?

CD: We haven’t gone too much into Garrett’s backstory. My guess is that he probably wanted to make comic books or be a video game designer and neither one of those things worked out. So now he just picked this job that he’s doing in-between passions.

Colton Dunn Superstore
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US: If Garrett wasn’t working at Cloud 9 where would he be?

CD: He would probably be working at a movie theater. He definitely likes movies and work somewhere he could get free movies. Or maybe a shoe store where he can get discounts on shoes.

US: Is there a storyline you would love to see Garrett in?

CD: It would be interesting to see what Garrett would be like if he was in a healthy relationship. A healthy, loving relationship. See if someone is out there who he cares about. But right now I’m just really having fun with Garrett being the chillest guy at work.

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US: What’s Garrett’s best zinger?

CD: I’m not sure if it’s actually on the show. There’s an episode where Jonah and Garrett are talking about weddings and Garrett likes the more traditional wedding and Jonah [Ben Feldman] likes the more hipster wedding. I start making fun of what a hipster wedding would be like and go, ‘Are you going to have a wedding in a barn with cocktails and a blue grass band playing?’ The funny part was that Ben’s real wedding was like that. I just described his real wedding. You can see it on his face.

US: Is there a specific scene that you just couldn’t get through?

CD: In the second season there is a talent show with Nico [Santos]. Still to this day if I watch the episode or I’m just thinking about it — it was one of the funniest things ever. Him performing his talent for everybody.

Brandon Hickman/NBC

US: If tomorrow was the series finale, where would Garrett be?

CD: I think he’d be a professional video game player and professional soda pop taste tester and he would just travel the country.

US: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

CD: Working at a bagel shop where I made bagel sandwiches for people. I didn’t like making sandwiches and I didn’t like working in the back prepping the ingredients. I didn’t like making the bagel. There was nothing that I liked about it. The only thing I did like about it is that every once in a while I would make myself a bagel sandwich and then sneak off and eat it in the bathroom when my manager wasn’t watching.

US: Are you going to keep Garret’s vest when the show wraps?

CD: The women on the show — their names are embroidered on the back and the guys vests are just printed with the Cloud 9 label. I think when they were first doing it and we got the vests the women’s vests were fitted individually for each person. The guys’ vests were just sort of one size fits all. So I’d want to get a nice embroidered vest!

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US: What was your favorite moment with the cast off set?

CD: One, we just go out to eat all the time. We have a lot of group dinners and that started after the first show. America [Ferrera] really spearheaded that. But one of my favorite things that we recently did was we went to go see a magic show in Hollywood. We had all the main cast, some of the recurring cast also came with us. It was a really fun night.

US: What are three items you must have in your trailer?

CD: Wireless speaker — always good to have to listen to your tunes and podcasts. I love flavored sparkling water. And the most important thing is Candy Crush. My iPad and Candy Crush.

US: Which character would annoy you the most in real life?

CD: Oh, Dina. I would not be able to handle that and her at all.

Superstore also stars Nichole Bloom and Mark McKinney. Its third season premieres on Thursday, September 28, on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.

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