Superstore’s Nichole Bloom Teases Cheyenne and Bo’s Future: Read Her Q&A!

Nichole Bloom as Cheyenne on Superstore
Nichole Bloom as Cheyenne on ‘Superstore’ Matthias Clamer/NBC

Packing up her green scrunchie and hitting the road! Cheyenne may get by with her Cloud 9 salary, but retail could just be temporary. Nichole Bloom, who plays the stylish young mom on the NBC comedy, teased her future in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

“She would be happily married to Bo [Johnny Pemberton]. I think she would be tour managing for him because I think he would turn into a real rapper,” Bloom, 27, tells Us. “They probably have their own reality show kind of like The Newlyweds with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. I can see them really loving the spotlight in that way. But I don’t think she’ll ever leave Beau’s side. And maybe Harmonica will turn into a little Kendall Jenner and a successful model, an Instagram star.”

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Cheyenne and Bo tied the knot in season 1 with their daughter by their side. Coming up, viewers will learn more about her background.

Johnny Pemberton and Nichole Bloom as Bo and Cheyenne on Superstore
Johnny Pemberton and Nichole Bloom as Bo and Cheyenne on ‘Superstore’ Trae Patton/NBC

“We definitely get to explore more of her world, not only with Bo but actually her home life as well. I think we will get to meet some members of her family, which I’m really excited about,” she says. “On the wedding episode last season there was just the smallest reference. I said, ‘Shout-out to [the] correctional facility for letting me mom Skype in for the wedding!’ So obviously my mom is in prison. I feel like they were foreshadowing something there with that character.”

More will be revealed in an upcoming Halloween episode, too. “It does come up that she wants to have a life and career outside Cloud 9,” Bloom tells Us. “And she does actually have something that she’s quite talented at.”

For more, read the rest of her Q&A below:

US: What was your audition like?

NB: The description of the character said something like 17-year-old girl from Missouri who is a pregnant teen. I just figured that I would never get the role because when someone says that you don’t think of a half Asian girl. I usually get cast as a nerdy character. I’ve never played this ditzy teenager before. It wasn’t really something that I thought people would see me as and so when I kept getting called back I was like, ‘Wait, did they actually mean this to come to me?’ I thought that my agent was sending it to the wrong actor. I didn’t meet the other cast members until the actual table read.

Johnny Pemberton and Nichole Bloom as Bo and Cheyenne on Superstore
Johnny Pemberton and Nichole Bloom as Bo and Cheyenne on ‘Superstore’ Tyler Golden/NBC

US: Is there a storyline you would love to see Cheyenne in?

NB: It’s funny because I was pregnant the whole first season and then I gave birth to my baby girl Harmonica. But I haven’t really been able to have her in the store at all and play a real mother. I feel like a lot of people forget that Cheyenne’s a mom because they never see her with her kid and I love kids myself so I would love to work with a baby or a toddler.

US: Did you go into the audition with Cheyenne’s voice or the bun hairstyle?

NB: No! The voice kind of developed gradually. I do remember at the time I was wearing my hair with a kind of top knot situation and it seemed to work for the character. And the hairstyles have evolved. In the first season it was always one hairstyle and it’s the hairstyle I auditioned with. It was like a side pony at the top of my head.

US: Can you relate to her style or is Cheyenne completely different than you?

NB: My mom always gives me a hard time because I always look slightly unkempt because I like to dress for comfort. It’s fun playing Cheyenne because now when I get my nails done I’ll get glitter or want to wear pink.

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US: What memorabilia would you take home?

NB: I already have taken Uggs home. They are so expensive, actually. I would never buy them on my own. I took home my wedding Uggs and then the costumer was like, ‘Oh, can you bring those back? We actually want to continue using them.’ So I tried to claim them as my own. Maybe this year I will bring home more Uggs. I feel like that’s sort of her signature, staple piece that she always goes back to.

US: In real life, what character would drive you insane?

NB: Probably Mateo [Nico Santos] and I feel almost bad saying this because Mateo and Cheyenne love each other as do Nico and I. We really are great friends in real life. But I’m not one that goes by rules. It really bugs me when people are really strict about following rules even in the face of ignoring common sense. So someone who takes their job so seriously — that’s something that I personally can’t stand.

US: Are you rooting for Dina and Garrett or Jonah and Amy?

NB: I would actually say Dina [Lauren Ash] and Garrett [Colton Dunn] because I feel like there is less of a chance of one of them getting seriously heartbroken and I never want to see someone get their heart broken. With Jonah [Ben Feldman] and Amy [America Ferrera] I feel like if they hookup it’s going to be a really serious thing. They are going to have the relationship talk and somebody is going to get their feelings hurt or it’s going to be weird for the rest of their lives. But with Dina and Garrett I feel like they can still be homies at the end of the day. And I think that’s why I’m rooting for that. I just want people to be cool with each other.

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US: What scene could you not get through without laughing?

NB: There’s one with Bo last season where he’s trying to get a job with Cloud 9 and he’s interviewed by Glenn. Off-screen Mark McKinney and Johnny — they are just so funny together and their improvs are insane. I feel bad for the people at home because they don’t get to see half of the stuff that goes on. There is also a scene that’s part of our blooper reel where Bo quits the store and he tells Dina off. Johnny is probably my favorite person to watch.

US: Is there a favorite moment with the cast off set?

NB: Ben organized a night for us because we couldn’t go to Vegas [like after the] last season. He made reservations at a Vegas-type restaurant and there was a magic trick show and it was all a surprise. That was really fun and special. Some of us kept partying well into the night. That was one where I was like, ‘Wow, our cast really cares.’ Ben is a very sweet, considerate person.

Superstore airs Thursdays on NBC at 8 p.m. ET. Watch a sneak peek of tonight’s episode in the video above!

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