‘Teen Mom 2’ Premiere Recap: Jenelle Evans Gets Verdict in Assault Case, Kailyn Lowry Goes Skydiving

Order in the court! On the Monday, January 2, premiere of the second half of Teen Mom 2 season 7, Jenelle Evans came face-to-face with the judge in her assault trial … along with ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith and his girlfriend Jessica Henry. Elsewhere, Kailyn Lowry could have used the decisiveness of a judge herself as she worked out what she wanted when it came to her relationship with Javi Marroquin.

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One Small Step for Kailyn, One Giant Leap for a Whole Production Crew

The episode began with Kailyn still reiterating what she had been saying during the first part of the season: She was confused about her future with Javi. So of course she did what any rational person confused about her relationship would do and went skydiving.

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Yeah. We’re serious. She said she was having a “quarter-life crisis” and leapt out of a plane. Not only did she jump, but a camera crew had to do it with her to capture the whole moment. MTV, give these people a raise.

Later, she worked out her issues in a slightly more rational way by talking them over with a friend. Together, they realized she couldn’t make any decisions until Javi got back from deployment. During FaceTime calls for the rest of the episode, it became pretty obvious that the deployment was hard on just about everyone involved, not least of all the kids.

Chelsea Keeps Her Dress Under Wraps

Chelsea Houska made it pretty clear that her daughter’s father, Adam Lind, no longer spoke to her, let alone wanted to be part of the show. He made it clear, too, when he refused to allow the crew into his house to film because he was “napping,” even though they’d told him what time they were coming. When producers and camera operators finally got into the home 45 minutes later, he complained that they never filmed him being a good dad to little Aubree.

When a producer asked why he never alerted them about activities he’d like filmed, he said he shouldn’t have to, as Chelsea could do it, or the producers should just know. Makes sense to Us!

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Chelsea was in a much better mood than her ex as she planned her wedding to Cole DeBoer, taking care to make Aubree feel extra-special by making a big deal of the day that the 7-year-old tried on the dress they’d ordered.

In contrast to the big event that was Aubree’s dress-shopping day, Chelsea elected not to have cameras present as she searched for a wedding gown. She said she was starting to value privacy more and more as she got older and wanted her wedding to be personal, not public.

Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer Drew Reynolds/MTV

In the Case of Jenelle v. Jessi, the Jury Has Decided …

Mom-of-two Jenelle was nervous about going to court and was furious that Jessi wouldn’t drop the assault charges that could send her to jail and prevent her from ever getting custody of her firstborn, Jace.

Nathan and Jessi testified about the alleged assault, insisting that Jenelle was volatile and shouldn’t have custody of her son with Nathan. Jenelle’s lawyer came back on the defensive, asking if they had gone looking for a fight the day the alleged assault took place.

When it was her turn on the stand, Jenelle got emotional as she swore she had never meant to throw a cup at Jessi and had only intended to splash her with water. Jessi and Nathan both rolled their eyes, but the jury, at least, believed her. Jenelle was declared not guilty.

Leah Messer Gets Messier

Though she was stressed as ever, Leah Messer revealed that her relationship with her ex Corey Simms had started improving, giving her some hope for the future. That didn’t stop her from having a total freak-out when she couldn’t find her car keys and was running late getting the twins to their T-ball game.

She found her keys eventually and got her kids to their game but later revealed she had a panic attack and railed against the way the “stuff with the show” affects her clearheadedness. She insisted that situations only devolve into chaos when Teen Mom 2 is filming and that knowing she will be shown on television acting erratic only makes her more upset.

Adding to her stress was her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, who was traveling for work for about four months, meaning he wouldn’t be seeing daughter Adalynn for quite some time. He promised to Skype them, then left.

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