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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Kailyn Lowry Threatens to Leave the Show After Drama with Briana and Jenelle

Kailyn Leah Chelsea Teen Mom 2
Kailyn, Leah and Chelsea.

The most explosive reunion yet! Both Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus got into serious fights during the Monday, May 21 episode of Teen Mom 2. This episode, like last week’s, was filmed behind-the-scenes of the reunion, and the drama nearly made Kailyn Lowry leave the show for good. Check out the five biggest moments from the episode below!

Kailyn Threatens to Quit

Kailyn barely let them film her behind the scenes of the reunion after she fought with Briana during last week’s episode and locked herself in her dressing room the entire day. “None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for (Briana) and Jenelle” Kailyn, joined by Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer, told executive producers during the episode. “What do we do about Jenelle and Briana so we don’t feel like we have to walk away from the show?”

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As the drama during the episode continued both with Briana and Jenelle, Kailyn was really done with the show. “This is trash TV. This whole thing has turned to trash,” Kailyn said. “I did not sign up for this garbage.”

Briana’s Sister Comes for Kailyn’s Friend

The Briana-Kailyn fight was getting to Briana’s family, especially her sister Brittany DeJesus. Kailyn’s friend, Bone, stormed into Briana’s room when she heard her talking about Kailyn, and the two girls went after her. “Don’t be disrespectful because I’ll smack the s—t out of you. You’re lucky my kids are here,” Briana told the girl while holding her newborn baby.

Brittany had it at this point and was ready to fight someone. “Bitch, come out,” Brittany said running after Kailyn’s friend, but she is stopped by security. She then added, “Hillbilly-looking ass bitch.”

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Jenelle Faces Off With Nathan and His Mom

Not only was Jenelle having problems with all of the other moms besides Briana, but nearly everyone she has issues with was on set, most notably Nathan Griffith, his girlfriend Ashley Pens, his mom Doris Davidson and, of course, her mother, Barbara Evans. All hell really broke loose when Jenelle caught Ashley and Barbara hugging in the dressing room. They went off on each other, and Nathan and Doris got involved and started saying extremely hurtful things to Jenelle.

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“You choose to push out your own mother because you let a guy control your life,” Nathan screamed at his ex. “And let him abuse my son.” Doris told David Eason he needed to get a drug test and told Jenelle she should hug her mom. Jenelle was completely broken, as was David, mostly because Kaiser was in the middle of the entire argument.

Whne Jenelle said bye to Kaiser and tried to comfort him after the explosive fight, she ran into her mom and asked what her problem was. The entire thing set off Barb. “You f—king bitch, I have never seen you like this ever. Even on drugs, you didn’t act like this,” Barbara screamed. David chimed in to support Jenelle: “You’re right, Barb, you’ve never seen her like this because you’ve never seen her stand up for herself.” Barbara then flipped him off.

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Briana DeJesus Kailyn Lowry
Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry.

Javi Still Flirts With Briana

Javi Marroquin showed up after the Briana-Kailyn drama, so Briana filled him on what was going on. She wanted the three of them to talk it out, but Javi was adamant he wanted to talk to both Briana and Kailyn separately. “I just want to make sure you’re alright first,” he told Briana. “Kail’s not running this.”

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After Kailyn slammed the door in their face when they tried to speak with her, Briana went back to Javi’s dressing room to relax and take shots. Javi told her he’ll never be in a good place with Kailyn because she isn’t loyal.

“And you want someone that’s loyal,” Briana said to him. He raised his eyebrows and gave her a look that was undeniably flirtatious.

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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