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‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Catelynn Lowell Cries After Fight With Tyler, Amber Portwood Wants More Days With Leah

New beginnings! The Monday, October 17, episode of Teen Mom OG was full of firsts for everybody! For Amber Portwood, it was the first day of school. For Farrah Abraham, it was the opening day of a new business. For Maci Bookout, it was the first time her son wanted to spend the night at his biological father’s house in a long time. For Catelynn Lowell, it was the first appointment with a new psychiatrist. So which firsts went well, and which fell flat? Read on to find out!

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Amber Gets Schooled

Amber was excited for Leah to start second grade, and took her on a huge shopping spree! Leah’s dad, Gary Shirley, was much less excited. For one thing, he hated the clothes Amber bought their daughter, and for another, he had to have a conversation with Leah about how the new school year would mean that she wasn’t alternating weeks with her parents and would only see Amber two weekends out of every month or so. Luckily for Gary, Leah took that news like a champ. She was way more interested in getting her dad’s speech over with so she could tell him about how a boy in her class had accidentally let his pants fall down. Sounds reasonable to Us!

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Amber, on the other hand, wasn’t taking the new schedule well.

“I mean, as a mom, I’d like to be included,” she said to her fiancé, Matt Baier, as she wondered if Gary would let her pick Leah up from school on a few more days than they’d already agreed to. Uh-oh …

Teen Mom Recap
Farrah and Simon argue.

Maci Rides the Sus Bus

Miracles happen! Ryan Edwards called Maci and asked if he could take their son, Bentley, to the water park! After missing the 7-year-old’s big baseball game because he was fighting with his own dad, maybe Ryan had reached some personal revelations about the importance of a father-son bond. Or maybe he was just feeling overheated and wanted to go to the water park. Who knows!

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Knowing that Bentley wasn’t always keen to go spend time with his dad, Maci asked Bentley, and he seemed willing enough to go, so in spite of her reservations, the mom of three took him over to Ryan’s for the weekend. When he got there, Ryan surprised him with a new puppy.

Teen Mom Recap 10/17
Leah talks to her father, Gary, after getting picked up from school.

OK, that’s it. Where is the real Ryan, and what did the producers do to him?! To borrow some of the phrases she used while talking baby talk to her newest bundle of joy, Ryan might still be on the Hot Mess Express, so she — and we! — are on the Sus Bus. (Maci, help Us out! Are we using those right?)

Farrah Thaws Out a New Life Path

Farrah was finally opening Froco, her frozen yogurt spot, and she was excited in spite of having her usual spats with her parents. Interestingly, her ex Simon Saran came around to help her stock the fridge, but all he did was stand there and eat, so she started yelling at him too. Owning a business is hard work!

Teen Mom recap 10/17
Taylor talks to his friend about being Bentley’s stepdad.

Back at Farrah’s house, Simon continued to eat and dodged questions from producers over whether or not he and his ex would get together again. Needless to say, Farrah wasn’t happy about that, either.

She didn’t dwell on his silence for long, though, because Froco opened up, and she was busy presiding over all the fun activities she planned for the big day! After doing some interviews, posing for some pictures and giving daughter Sophia a mic to serenade the first-ever customers with the sort of song only a sugared-up kid can sing, Farrah was able to relax with her parents and feel good about a job well done.

Teen Mom Recap 10/17
Catelynn and Tyler argue over her missing another important doctor’s appointment.

Catelynn Snoozes on Her Recovery

After all of the talk last episode about her refusal to do after-care since being let out of rehab, Catelynn finally went to meet her psychiatrist, but not before she had an inexplicable panic attack at her mom’s house while little Nova played in the water.

Well, we said Catelynn finally went, but she didn’t actually meet him. Catelynn, who suffers from depression, kept hitting snooze, and arrived 19 minutes late to her appointment, and the receptionist told her she had to reschedule.

Husband Tyler Baltierra gave her some pretty basic advice: “That’s why you don’t snooze. Just get up.” That’s not quite how depression works, so as he tried to walk back his statement, Catelynn started to cry.

Luckily, she was able to see her therapist, Kathleen. When she got there, Catelynn broke down, revealing that she sometimes wonders if her daughter would be better off if she weren’t around.

“This world needs you. It’s had enough crap and terror and horrible things, and it needs good,” Kathleen told her. “It would be broken if you left.”

Heavy stuff, right? We hope Catelynn gets to see her psychiatrist soon!

Tell Us: Is Ryan changed for good, or is this Dad of the Year act just one of his “phases,” as Maci calls them?

Teen Mom OG airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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