‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Sophia Chants ‘I Wanna Die’ While Farrah Abraham Weeps

Cate can't cope! The bride-to-be dealt with high levels of anxiety after her daughters, Carly and Nova, met for the first time during the Monday, January 18, episode of Teen Mom OG. Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham tried to come to terms with her baby daddy's fatal car accident, while her daughter, Sophia, chanted "I wanna die."

Farrah and Sophia Visit Daddy Derek

Poor Farrah! The controversial star might be single and ready to mingle, but Derek Underwood is still a huge part of her life. Farrah's baby daddy passed away when they were in high school, and this week, she read Sophia a sweet poem he wrote before his car accident:

"Farrah you changed my world with the blink of an eye, this is something that I cannot deny," Derek's poem read. "You put my soul from worst to best, that is why I treasure you, my dearest Farrah. Now my life is a dream come true, it all began when my life was loved by you."

Basically sums up how the rest of us feel about her, too, right?

Sophia Says "I Wanna Die" While Processing Derek's Death

Sadly, Farrah's daughter had a hard time understanding her lack of father figure, asking, "Why did Simon [Saran] not be my daddy? I want a daddy!" When Farrah explained that "Daddy Derek" was her father, Sophia started chanting, "I wanna die, I wanna die."

"When you say you wanna die to see him, it really makes mommy sad," Farrah explained to her mini-me. "Do you know that it hurts mommy when you say those things because I care about you, and I love you?"

Farrah and Sophia ended up visiting Derek's grave with his family, where they shed a few tears and shared memories.

Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in Camo (Hopefully)

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are getting hitched! The couple announced an October 2016 date for their wedding — but Amber's mom didn't seem thrilled. "I see the family a lot, but I don't see my mom," Amber said. "I don't think she likes Matt … I don't know what the f–k she's holding on to. I love my family, but I love Matt — he is my man."

Amber's mom seemed pretty chill during a family hang out, but managed to make a dig about this being Amber's "first wedding." The Teen Mom star immediately shut that drama down, saying "I've been engaged four times before — I've called it off. I've never been so sure. You know, I wouldn't go through with it if I wasn't sure."

Also, shout out to Amber's daughter, Leah, for insisting that her mom wear a bridal cape. This girl knows what's up.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham in 2015 Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Team Ryan?

Maci Bookout vs. Ryan Edwards! The former couple had a communication breakdown when Ryan asked for an extra night with their son, Bentley. "It just irritates me that she thinks that I can't do first grade homework or get him to school. She's an a–hole," Ryan said before retiring to a corner to passive-agressively split wood. "I don't wanna say he can't spend the night with Billy-Bob or Joe, but if he does that, I wanna make up the days later in the week."

First of all, amazing fake names, Ryan. Second of all, it doesn't look like Maci's going to budge on Bentley's schedule: "He needs to be in a routine when he goes to school," she explained.

For the record, Ryan tried to talk to Maci about their communication issues, but Maci was having none of it: "You were being ugly," she said before storming off. "Go read your text message."

High Anxiety

Catelynn Lowell's birth daughter finally met her little sister, and it brought up some confusing emotions for Cate and Tyler Baltierra. "Carly, when she was running around the docks, she kept saying 'daddy,'" Ty told his bride-to-be. "I didn't say nothing — I just kinda let it happen."

Meanwhile, Catelynn had a full-blown anxiety attack just days before her wedding — in part because Nova and Carly's meet-'n'-greet was just too much for her to handle. "I just feel like I'm having a heart attack," she told Tyler while crying. "I've been telling myself that for days, like, 'You're fine, you have no reasons to be anxious, what is your issue?' I'm nervous, just like seeing my two kids together. And then only taking one home. Especially to see how much Carly loves her."

Catelynn admitted that she might be experiencing pre-wedding jitters — and speaking of said wedding, Farrah was not on the guest list. "Farrah's not invited," Cate confirmed, while Tyler scoffed, "Farrah! Farrah wouldn't come."

Tyler Opens Up About Suicide Attempt, Traumatizes Brother While Doing So

Tyler opened up about a past suicide attempt while chatting with his dad, Butch — and said a few pretty intense things in front of Catelynn's little brother, Nick. "I remember when I attempted suicide when I was younger, [Mom] was like, 'You should call your dad,'" Tyler said. Nick's reaction? "Wait, you're about to commit suicide?"

While Tyler reassured Nick that he wasn't about to kill himself, he did continue, "I had to walk around school with rope burns around my neck for two weeks. Surprised I don't have a scar. Right in the backyard of my house."

Tell Us: Do you think Tyler should have brought up his suicide attempt in front of Cate's little brother?

Teen Mom OG airs on MTV Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.

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