Teen Mom OG Recap: Maci Bookout’s Pregnant, Plus Another Pregnancy Bomb!

Teen Mom recap
Maci Bookout and her boyfriend Taylor McKinney tell her son Bentley that she's pregnant on Teen Mom OG. 

Is there something in the water? On the Monday, April 13 episode of Teen Mom OG, two big pregnancy bombs were dropped, which led to some drastically different reactions from those involved. Some were joyful, while others saw the big announcement as the permanent ending for any future for their family. 

Here's what happened:

Maci Bookout

Surprise! Everyone's favorite redheaded college student is expecting yet again, this time with her live-in boyfriend, Taylor McKinney

Maci and bf

"My doctor said I might not be able to get pregnant again so we weren't doing anything to prevent it, because we didn't think it was possible," the teen pregnancy prevention advocate reveals. 

Now she's itching to get hitched, but her bearded beau doesn't want to pop the question so close to their big news. 

"Who cares what it looks like?" Maci declares. "At this point I'm going to have two kids by two different guys at the age of 23. I would like to have a ring on just for the sake of my grandparents."

But the Tennessee native has bigger catfish to fry. She has to throw her son Bentley a sixth birthday party and break the news that he's going to be a big brother. At first the little one doesn't believe her, but one peek at the sonogram changes his mind. Big Bro Bentley certainly has a ring to it!

Dr appointment

Catelynn Lowell

Things are getting stressful both in Catelynn's second pregnancy and in dealing with the adoptive parents of her and fiance Tyler Baltierra's first daughter, Brandon and Teresa. The Michigan mama gained three pounds in one week and has already put on 20 pounds of pregnancy weight in just four months.  

"Whatever, I'm happy and pregnant!" she declares. "I'm not going to eat salad for seven months." 

But her concerned fiance Tyler Baltierra wants to make sure his bride is still being careful and healthy, so he suggests a trip to the nutritionist. 

"I don't care what you do as long as you're happy and healthy," he says. "I just know that last time it got to a point where you were really bummed out about it. You were really self-conscious, and it bothered you. So I just want to make sure you don't go through that again."

Ty isn't quite as level-headed when it comes to talking to Brandon and Teresa. The adoptive parents want to meet up with the reality stars to talk about some of their frustrations, and Tyler seems ready to let them have it. Though that confrontation is likely to come in next week's episode, Tyler made it clear that he's angry about not being allowed to share pictures of Carly on social media — an ongoing issue between the foursome. Let's all say a prayer for little Carly's sake that he keeps it together. 

Gary and girl

Amber Portwood

While Amber and her intense purple hair are out of state at her brother's college graduation, her ex, Gary Shirley, is getting some big news. His girlfriend of a year, Kristina, is pregnant. 

"I'm kinda shocked. I mean obviously neither one of us wanted one," Kristina said, in what hopefully won't be a video this future baby watches. 

Gary offers up the option of adoption, but Kristina isn't having it. She explains that she was on birth control, but the doctor switched the brand, which could have contributed to her brand-new bun in the oven. 

Amber and daughter

"I'm not going to be with you just because you're having a child," Gary explains to Kristina. "It didn't work with Amber. It's not going to work with you."

When Gary tells Amber that he's having another child, she reacts with surprising calm. But days later she's hit rock bottom, sobbing to the MTV producer that this is the end of any future she may have had with Gary. 

Tell Us: Do you think Amber and Gary belong together?

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. 

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