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The Voice’s 10 Craziest Moments: Miley Cyrus Brags About Her Dirty Talk; Candace Cameron Bure’s Daughter Lands a Spot

Miley Cyrus was late to this party (in the U.S.A.)! The Voice season 11’s final round of blind auditions were underway on NBC Monday, October 3, and everyone filled their teams ahead of our fave platinum blonde judge (no hard feelings, Gwen). Miley confessed she was “a hoarder” for saving her last spot, but did she lose out?

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Plus, a gassy Adam Levine took a death-defying spin on a chair, Blake Shelton’s leg danced out of control and only supercool Alicia Keys kept calm under pressure.

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1. Adam discussed his, er, “explosive” issues. 

It seemed like normal enthusiasm at the start of the show when Adam told Blake, “I think we’re about to have some explosive moments.” It wasn’t. He’d had beans for dinner. Thanks, Adam. As Alicia put it, “They’ve been with each other too long.”

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2. Miley’s “Siamese twin” 

When supertalented sisters Whitney and Shannon sang a surprise duet of “Landslide,” the judges were expecting only one voice. Alicia blissed out with her eyes closed. Not Miley, though. She jumped up and shouted, “I thought there was going to be a Siamese twin up there!” Or wait, Miley, could it just be two people singing? The ladies picked Alicia (who did a little happy dance).

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3. Blake had IT covered.

Contestant Johnny Rez was a big hit with both Adam and Blake. Since Johnny works in IT, Blake thought he’d win Johnny over with his computer knowledge because IT stands for, “like, Internet Technical.” Blake 0, Adam 1.

4. Miley’s “Gothic Dolly Parton” 

When Maye Thomas sang a pretty version of “Roses” by The Chainsmokers, Adam was no match for Miley. Her announcement that Maye was a “Gothic Dolly Parton” had to win, especially as Dolly is Miley’s godmother! Adam tried to shut Miley up by yelling over her, but forget it. Finally he gave up and told Maye to say, “I pick Miley!” Which she did.

5. Move over, Six Flags — it’s “The Chair.” 

Did anyone else think new dad Adam seemed sleep-deprived (read: a bit bonkers)? There he was, standing on the back of Blake’s chair, begging him to spin it around. Then he jumped off and said, “I literally almost just died. That was a terrible idea, Adam!” Also, Adam, talking about yourself in the third person? Not OK. Should we call someone?

6. Blake’s jiggly leg problem

When Kylie Rothfield sang “Wherever I Go” by One Republic, Blake’s leg got really excited and started jumping all over the place to the beat. And it wouldn’t stop. “I’m so excited to work with you,” Blake told Kylie. “Look at my leg! I can’t stop it.” Kylie chose Alicia (whose legs were both perfectly still).

The Voice
‘The Voice.’

7. Adam’s Full House

When Full House star Candace Cameron Bure brought her daughter Natasha to try out for the show, John Stamos wished her good luck. He also said, “I’m Adam Levine,” so that was weird. But it did the trick because Adam was the first (and only) button-pusher! Miley kindly reassured Natasha playing to people’s backs is tough. “I have that happen when moms bring their kids to my concerts,” the “Wrecking Ball” singer said. “They’re all, ‘We’re taking them to the Miley show!’ and then they see my outfit, and they’re turning around.”

8. Miley talks dirty … and still loses out.

Miley badly wanted contestant Blaine Long on her team. “I have one more spot, and you’re definitely worth it!” she told him. She piled it on with, “I talk dirtier than both of them — trust me,” to beat Adam and Blake. Then she slapped it on thicker with, “Who do you really want to be spending all that quality time with?” Blaine picked Blake. Oops.

9. Blake nods his head like, yeah.

After last week’s jabs at Blake’s sweet song “Honey Bee,” he finally got one over on Miley, doing a cute little dance in front of her chair, and singing a few choice lyrics from her hit “Party in the U.S.A.” Miley took it pretty well, even though Blake didn’t actually seem to know the real words.

10. Miley goes “super Cuban.”

Cuban contestant Ponciano Seoane was a hot property, with Miley and Adam hitting the button right away. Adam started the hard sell, saying, “I’m Cuban, too.” But Miley could top that easy. “I’m super Cuban,” she said. “I’m way more Cuban. … I’m Cuban-er.” Ponciano picked Adam. A tired-looking Blake said, “I’m too old for this.”

Tell Us: Did Miley miss out? And how far will Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter get?

The Voice airs on NBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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