Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln Reveals How He Wants Rick to Die — and It’s Epic

Like Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln is a man with a plan. During The Walking Dead‘s panel at PaleyFest in Hollywood on Friday, March 17, the actor joined the AMC show’s cast and showrunners to discuss the series — and his character’s potential demise. 

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When a fan asked how Lincoln how he envisioned Rick’s final scene, the star wasted no time. “I’m gonna say this now: This is how I want Rick to die,” Lincoln told fans. After all, he has had seven seasons to think about it.

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An animated Lincoln worked the crowd and cracked jokes, making fans laugh and cheer throughout his thorough description. “We’re going through the desert somewhere, and I jump off the bus. So I jump in a very heroic act — Rick jumps off and calls ‘Caaaarl,’” the 43-year-old said. “Maybe that’s the last thing I say.”

But it didn’t end there. “I jump off, and I’m, like, kung-fu kicking. I have to earn my action figure, right?” he quipped. “I’ve gotten bit, ‘Ow!’ Doesn’t matter — ‘Keep going!’” And this is when the death part kicked in.

“Then I’m dying, on my own. Just waiting to die. I patch up and a day passes. I’m a survivalist. But I don’t actually die,” he reassured fans. Then came the brilliant twist: “The final shot is, ‘Holy s–t! Maybe I’m the cure!’” Lincoln said, driving the audience into a roar.

“Zombies coming, Rick gets up, follows the tracks to go see ‘Caaaarl’ walking — the herd comes towards him, and they separate,” he said. “He walks through. Boom.” End scene.

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Just as Lincoln earned a well-deserved round of applause from the audience, his costar Josh McDermitt (Eugene Porter) chimed in with: “And then Eugene comes in a dune buggy and runs over Rick.” Your turn, showrunners.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m. ET. 

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