‘Are You the One?’ Reunion Recap: Which Couples Are Still Together?

Anthony and Geles on the Are You The One reunion
Anthony and Geles on the 'Are You The One' reunion. 

Who made it past the final match-up ceremony? During part two of the Are You the One? reunion on Wednesday, December 20, the season 6 cast revealed who was dating who — and some were very surprising!

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Uche and Clinton
Regardless of some post-show drama with Jada, the two are still together. Uche and Clinton live about an hour away from each other in Florida. She’s met his entire family as well and her mom loves him! Clinton actually asked Uche to become his “official” girlfriend on the show — and she said yes!

Anthony and … Shannon?
Anthony said that after the show, he wanted to be with Zoe and they actually hooked up. However, now he’s dating season 5’s Shannon, who came out on stage. She wasn’t thrilled to find out that Anthony stayed over in Alexis’ room the night before the reunion taping. Before the break, Alexis whispered that Anthony “was trying to f—k me.”

The cast of Are You The One on the reunion special
The cast of ‘Are You The One’ on the reunion special.

Taylor and Joe, Part Two
Joe called Taylor “a breath of fresh air,” which is why they got back together after Are You the One? However, their relationship was short-lived and they’re broken up again, now.

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Keyana and Michael?
Keyana revealed that she hooked up with Anthony during a group trip after the show … and actually, while they were on the show. During that trip, Anthony also slept with Zoe the next night. The night that Anthony was with Keyana, Zoe actually was hooking up with Kareem. Got that? Alivia was shocked to hear about it … and she learned about it when she was texting Keith!

Audrey and Hunter
Audrey revealed she hooked up with season 3’s Hunter, but it’s nothing serious. Yes, Hunter from The Challenge

Nurys and Nelson
Nurys is “casually dating” season 3’s Nelson (also on The Challenge), admitting they’re taking their relationship slow.

Tyler and Nicole on the Are You The One reunion
Tyler and Nicole on the ‘Are You The One’ reunion.

Nicole and Demetri
The night before the reunion, Demetri put a note under Nicole’s door, saying that he missed her and wanted to cuddle.

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Alivia and Kareem
After quite the dramatic ride on Are You the One?, the pair are actually still together! Alivia said that she wasn’t surprised when hearing about Kareem and Zoe’s hookup, but obviously wasn’t happy he cheated on her. Zoe claims that she didn’t know they were together.

Past couples from past seasons also came out and season 5’s Gianna and Hayden came out and revealed they’re still together and going strong. Season 4’s Kaylen said she’s “casually dating” while getting to know herself. However, she does have a crush on Shad!

Tell Us: Which couple were you most surprised by?

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