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Zac Efron on His Mom’s Reaction to His Revealing ‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’ Scene: She Said ‘Have Some Class!’

Zac Efron and Seth Rogen
Zac Efron and Seth RogenUniversal Pictures

Grow a pair — a plastic pair, that is! With summer movie season starting to heat up, the new issue of Us Weekly features chats with some of the biggest names from the season's blockbusters, including Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising's Zac Efron and Seth Rogen, who revealed what it was really like to film the scene where Teddy (Efron) shows off his family jewels.

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"Those were not real testicles," Rogen, 34, assures Us of the memorable moment in the film in which Teddy gets his Magic Mike on.

As for why the prosthetic was used, Efron explains, "There were a lot of paparazzi on set. The best was my mom sent me a picture of me, looking right in the lens, holding my fake nuts. She was like, 'Please, what are you doing?'"

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"I said, 'It's for the film, Mom,'" the Dirty Grandpa star, 28, continues. "She was like, 'Have some class!'"

The film, opening Friday, May 20, uses many college-age extras, which the leading men admit was a bit disorienting.

"I found myself running back to Seth to talk about old-people stuff," Efron jokes. The Night Before actor agrees, pointing out that the younger cast members would teach the two stars "how to Snapchat."

"I'm so out of touch with technology and Face Swap!" Efron says.

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Read on for more exclusive interviews with the summer's hottest guys, including Ghostbusters' Chris Hemsworth on why he had trouble focusing during the shoot; Central Intelligence's Kevin Hart revealing what he did to costar Dwayne Johnson's shoulders; Me Before You's Sam Claflin on pulling on-set pranks on costar Emilia ClarkeIndependence Day: Resurgence's Liam Hemsworth on the best part about working with Jeff Goldblum; Legend of Tarzan's Alexander Skarsgård explaining why he enjoyed getting naked for the film; and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping's Andy Samberg on his newfound respect for One Direction. 

Chris Hemsworth of Ghostbusters, in theaters Friday, July 15

How does your role differ from Annie Potts' Janine?

He’s probably not as smart as Annie — in fact, he's definitely not. He has a very disarming quality and curiosity with what the Ghostbusters actually do, but is usually about 20 steps behind the rest of the gang!

How intimidated were you working with all these talented comedians?

Very intimidated at first, but once I was on set and got to know the director and cast, it became one of the best experiences I've had. The girls were hugely encouraging and collaborative. I'd have to remind myself that I was actually in the scene and to pay attention because I'd be enjoying watching what they were doing so much. 

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Kevin Hart of Central Intelligence, in theaters Friday, June 17

Would you say you could be the hunkiest movie star of the summer?

I am absolutely the sexiest guy alive right now. No questions about it, hands down — right now, Kevin Hart is the sexiest guy alive. Like, you who know else I had to have this conversation with? David Beckham. Me and David Beckham, we worked together on an H&M campaign, and I told him, "Dude, this is going to be tough for you — this is going to be difficult. You’ve been used to being the hot guy, and then I come along, and it’s like, 'Who is David Beckham?'" People just want to get to the little nugget. [They're like,] "I want some of that little nugget, that little chocolate nugget."

What kind of hot-guy stuff do we see from you in the movie?

You can expect to see me walk through explosions. There is a period where you get to in your career where you start to do these action movies, and when you know that you’re the sexiest man alive, you have to do sexy-man stuff. So picture an explosion, me walking through it, shirt off. That’s one thing. You can also picture a lot of motorcycle riding — every hot guy loves to ride a motorcycle. Well, guess what I’m doing in this movie? I’m riding a motorcycle. My shirt is flapping in the wind. You can also expect to see a lot of pants that fit very close.

Did you ever say to [costar] Dwayne Johnson, "Let me tell you how to be a hot guy"?

Every day. "You’re doing it all wrong," I tell him every day. "You’re doing it all wrong. As a hot guy, you might want to follow my lead. When you sit down, stop making all that noise — 'ugh, grr' — women don’t want to hear that. That’s not what guys do. Hot guys sit down in one breath. That’s it — that’s a hot-guy sit." I taught him that. [And] I said, "Look, man — enough, enough with the arms." I’m the reason why he has shoulders. He didn’t have shoulders before he met me — he was all arms/chest, and it was just two dips by the side of his head that went the reverse way that shoulders should go.

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Sam Claflin of Me Before You, in theaters Friday, June 3

Your character is confined to a wheelchair after a terrible accident. How did you prepare physically?

Physically, this was by far the most demanding thing I've ever done. And the most challenging.… I trained very hard for three months and up to three times every day prior to filming. I was also on a very strict diet throughout. Other than that, I just spent as much time as I could getting used to the wheelchair we'd be using, adjusting my body (and the chair, at times) accordingly. It had to become a part of me, and we were lucky to have rehearsal and preparation time before day one of filming to do that.

What fun things did you and [costar] Emilia Clarke do to lighten the mood in between takes?

Emilia is quite the practical joker. I tried my best fighting back, but never quite matched up. It started with her misplacing a Game of Thrones doll, but immediately accusing me of stealing it. In order to get her back, I crept into her dressing room while she was on set and stole all of her furniture. It took quite a while and was extremely difficult, but was worth the struggle. But I think she got me the best.… [At the end of the day,] she'd shoved her leftover lunch in my brand new sock [which I discovered when I put it on my foot].  

Liam Hemsworth of Independence Day: Resurgence, in theaters Friday, June 24

How excited were you to work with Jeff Goldblum?

I think one of the things that I was most excited about was having the opportunity to work with Jeff on this film. He’s such an iconic actor and an iconic person and personality. To be given the opportunity to watch him work and see what he brings to each take is pretty amazing. Jeff’s attention to detail is unbelievable. I’ve never worked with an actor who is so specific about every little thing in a scene, in the best way possible. 

What can fans of the original Independence Day expect from Resurgence?

Seeing this new mother ship come to Earth is going to be pretty incredible because the sheer scale of this mother ship is much bigger than the first one.

Alexander Skarsgård of Legend of Tarzan, in theaters Friday, July 1

How was your chemistry with your leading lady?

Margot [Robbie] is the most charismatic person I’ve ever met. All carbon-based life forms are drawn to her. I’m serious: She could make a fig tree blush.

Any reservations about your revealing costume?

The jungle is incredibly humid. I’m quite pleased I didn’t have to wear clothes.

Andy Samberg of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, in theaters Friday, June 3

Which pop-star docs did you watch to prepare?

We watched them all — they are wonderful and addictive. Really enjoyed a lot of them, but might have liked the One Direction one the most. Directed by Morgan Spurlock and was really effective. I didn't know a ton about them going in, and by the end I was like, "I like these dudes!”

Did your pal Justin Timberlake give pointers?

I turn to Justin for everything in life. He is my rock, my brother and my dance instructor.

Do you think you could ever be a sex symbol like Justin Bieber?

No. But only because of my face and personality.

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