The Creators of Olivia Culpo’s Fave CBD Gum Favour Explain How Their Product Can Help With Stress Relief  

Favour Main Photo
Margaret Luce and Gigi and Jamie Grimstad. Courtesy of Favour

Cannabidiol (a.k.a. CBD) products including oils, creams, gummies, salves, bath bombs, chocolates, tinctures, soaps and more have become a go-to staple for celebrities. 

Whether Kim Kardashian is hosting a CBD-themed baby shower with massages and tasty drinks, Olivia Wilde is applying it to her sore muscles, or Jennifer Aniston is adding it into her self-care routine to help with pain, stress and anxiety, it’s become a must-have ingredient.

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Now, the trend has gone one step further with Favour gum. The brand’s founders Jamie and Gigi Grimstad and Margaret Luce, created a functional chewing gum loved by Olivia Culpo and powered by higher-bioavailable CBD to reduce anxiety and increase focus.

Olivia Culpo Favour
Olivia Culpo attends AT&T Super Saturday Night Concert on February 1, 2020 in Miami, Florida. Christopher Victorio/imageSPACE/Shutterstock

The best part? You can chew it anytime and anywhere. Favour allows for fast absorption, high bio-availability and dosing made easy with each piece containing 10 mg of CBD.

“We’re three women who were on a mission to find a solution for CBD use. As Margaret, my mom, Gigi, and I each experimented with all of the various forms of CBD out there, we realized that the countless positive effects are very real, but entirely unreliable. Favour was born out of a real need for reliability, consistency and efficacy — not only in the CBD market but in our everyday lives,” Jamie Grimstad told Us.

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As for why gum is an effective way to get your CBD, she explained, “The delivery method by which you take CBD affects the potential benefits that you will receive. CBD-infused products, such as edibles and capsules, go through the body’s digestive system before ever hitting the bloodstream, which not only slows down the absorption process, but also limits how much CBD the body takes in.”

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Courtesy of Favour

“You really only end up getting five to six percent of the CBD that is actually in them. … A piece of Favour stays in your mouth, bypassing your digestive system, ensuring that a higher-bioavailability of CBD is delivered into the user’s bloodstream up to 5 times faster than ingested pills or capsules,” Jamie added. 

Another plus? “The simple act of chewing gum is a natural form of distraction and stress-relief. … It allows me to take my mind off of the things causing me to feel anxious, to step back and take a deep breath. I think of it as a chewing meditation and a moment in which I can envision the stress and anxiety washing away,” Margaret Luce said.

If you’re curious about how the gum will compare to your minty Trident, Extra or Orbit flavors, don’t fret. “It really does taste like a real piece of gum. It’s minty fresh and has no bad aftertaste,” Gigi Grimstad revealed.

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So before you let your racing thoughts take over, pop in a piece of gum. “Helping you manage feelings of anxiety and stay calm, especially during this time, is just one of the many benefits that each piece of gum provide,” Gigi added. 

From Monday, March 23, to Tuesday, March 31, five percent of all Favour sales will be donated to No Kid Hungry

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