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Gordon Ramsay Under Fire for Saying Guinea Pigs Are ‘Delicious’: ‘Those Poor, Sweet Pigs’

Gordon Ramsay Under Fire for Saying Guinea Pigs Are Delicious
Gordan Ramsay and a guinea pig.Rob Kim/Getty Images; Regi Varghese/Newspix/Getty Images (inset)

Thanks, but no thanks! Gordon Ramsay threw viewers of his new show, Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, for a loop on Sunday, July 21, when he traveled to Peru and ate guinea pig, deeming the animal “delicious.”

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The National Geographic show, which takes the celebrity chef to different countries across the globe meeting various indigenous people, is designed to teach viewers about other cultures and the foods they eat.

While guinea pigs (which are also called cuyes) are commonly eaten in parts of the South American country, many Westerners keep the small, furry creatures as pets, and therefore can’t imagine eating them.

Still, that didn’t stop Ramsay, 52, from, well, pigging out. Over the course of the inaugural episode, viewers saw living guinea pigs (they are typically kept in homes until its time to eat them), skinned guinea pigs as part of the preparation process and guinea pigs that had been roasted in advance of a meal.

For some animal lovers, all of the carnage was a bit too much to take. “I realize people eat different things all over the world, they have to due to region, economics, etc. but being a guinea pig owner and lover I can’t watch Gordon Ramsey’s new show,” tweeted one social media user. “Those poor, sweet pigs.”

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“I think its sad,” added another.

When it came time to chow down, the MasterChef host dug into the guinea pig loin and praised the meat. “You do not know what you’re missing,” he said of the meal. “I am telling you now, delicious.” He also likened the local delicacy to “a suckling pig,” calling it “pretty good.”

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Perhaps sensing he might get some pushback for his unconventional meal choice, Ramsay then opened up about why he can’t put guinea pig on the menu at any of his eateries in America. “I can’t feature roasted guinea pig on my menus here in the U.S.,” he explained. “I would be taken down.”

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