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Guy Fieri Shared a Meme of Himself as Baby Yoda and Fans Are Loving It: ‘May the Force Be With You’

Guy Fieri Shared a Meme of Himself as Baby Yoda
Guy Fieri. Mediapunch/Shutterstock

Baby Yoda made a pit stop in Flavortown! Well, sort of.

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On Monday, December 2, celebrity chef Guy Fieri took Instagram and Twitter to share a meme of himself as the adorable character from The Mandalorian and the LOL-worthy hybrid was truly a sight to behold.

While this Baby Yoda maintains his small stature, green hue, beady eyes and brown cloak, he also boasts a few of the 51-year-old reality star’s most identifiable characteristics, including iconic spiky blond tips, mustache and goatee.

Fieri’s version of Baby Yoda — which isn’t actually a younger version of the wise fan favorite but rather a member of the same species as Yoda — also sports the Diners, Drive‑Ins and Dives host’s trademark black sunglasses, which are slung backwards over his large, pointy ears.

In his caption, the Food Network star paid homage to Yoda by using the character’s unusual way of speaking. “Guy Fieri, I am,” he wrote. “For America’s greatest Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives I look.”

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Not surprisingly, Fieri’s social media followers had plenty to say about the meme, which has become increasingly popular on Instagram and Twitter with thousands of likes on both platforms. In addition to hundreds of approving knuckle sandwiches, the culinary pro’s fans weighed in with overwhelming praise. “May the force be with you,” quipped one Instagram follower. Added another: “Nothing is gonna top this today on the gram.”

However, not everyone was impressed with Fieri’s custom creation. “Somebody stop this man,” mused one Instagram user. Another implied the Ohio native was too mature to be participating in the Baby Yoda craze, quipping, “You’re a grown man.”

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Still, one can hardly blame Fieri for toying around with the beloved new member of the Star Wars universe. Even Starbucks has embraced the trend via an unofficial Baby Yoda Frappuccino, made using a matcha green tea drink with caramel drizzle added to the inside walls of the cup. Tasty, it is!

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