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Maintain a Sun-Kissed Glow Year-Round With Coco & Eve’s Holiday Gift Set

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A bronzed glow is a look that many of Us prefer to sport year-round. We get fewer hours of sunlight once November hits and fall gradually transitions into winter. Swapping out your summer-approved foundations with cold-weather-friendly ones is helpful now that the holiday season is in full swing, and you can even use bronzer to provide more depth to your complexion. But what about when you want to achieve a glow all over?

In that case, it’s time to check out self-tanner. While some are known for leaving orange streaks and less-than-desirable scents, we’ve discovered a self-tanning kit equipped with everything you need to achieve a radiant glow on your face and body this holiday season. Keep reading for more deets!

Get the Coco & Eve Tan Masters Holiday Edition Set for $72 (originally $103) at Coco & Eve!

The Coco & Eve Tan Masters Holiday Edition Set features an Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist, Bali Bronzing Foam, a limited-edition face Kabuki brush and a velvety tanning mitt.  It comes together in a chic Luxe Glow-Getter pouch, perfect for a stocking stuffer or a Barbiecore-inspired spot underneath the tree. The Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist delivers a streak-free face tan, while the Bali Bronzing Foam coats skin with a filter-like blur thanks to a lightweight and non-stick formula. The Kabuki brush and tanning mitt provides even coverage without the risk of leaving messy orange hands behind.

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And don’t worry about unfavorable smells. Shoppers rave over the barely-there fragrance which lingers after application. Unlike some self tanners, this micromist is enriched with antioxidants to protect against free radicals, while the bronzing foam is made free of harmful ingredients.

Get the Cocoa & Eve Tan Masters Holiday Edition Set for $72 (originally $103) at Coco & Eve!

The application process is easy and breezy. Simply cleanse the face and neck area before applying the Face Tanning Micromist. Spray a light layer throughout the neck and face and allow it to absorb for 30 seconds. Complete your skincare routine once the product is fully absorbed, and allow the tan up to six hours to fully develop.

Things get more involved when it comes to the Bali Bronzing Foam. Remove unwanted hair and exfoliate thoroughly between six-to-24 hours before tanning. Pump the foam onto the tanning mitt and kabuki brush to apply to tricky areas like the feet, hands, face and ears in a circular motion. Gradually use more products until the area is covered. Allow to develop between two hours or overnight for a deeper tan. Shower in warm water to remove the guide color and pat the skin dry. If you’re a tanning enthusiast, you can repeat this process every five-to-seven days. For optimal results, moisturize daily to maintain the tan.

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Verified shoppers shared their thoughts on the product. “This self-tanner is absolutely amazing,” one reviewer revealed. “It smells so good and gives you the best tan each time. It also applies very smoothly and easily.”

In case you were wondering, it’s 100% possible to achieve sun-kissed skin without hopping in a tanning bed or when it’s too cold to lay out on a beach. Fact: Self tanner is the ultimate way to maintain a bronzed glow. The Coco & Eve Tan Masters Holiday Edition Set features everything you need to get your tan on at home!

See it: Get the Coco & Eve Tan Masters Holiday Edition Set for $72 (originally $103) at Coco & Eve!

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