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12 LOL-Worthy Holiday Gifts for People Who Are Impossible to Shop For

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What to buy the person who has everything? Or the person who hates everything? Or the person who says, “I don’t want anything” but doesn’t necessarily mean it? What if you’re just really not sure what your giftee would actually like or appreciate?

This issue always comes up with holiday shopping. We all have at least one friend or family member who fits into the “impossible to shop for” category. There are a few routes you could take in these situations, but right now, we’re focusing on the funny. Going for a goofy gift that will make someone laugh is pretty much always a safe option. Check out our 12 picks below!

This Adult Coloring Book

Relatable! This stress-relieving coloring book is filled with funny phrases (and naughty words) that are perfect for after the 9-5 is over!

Get Things I Want To Say At Work But Can’t by Jennia K Collins at Amazon!

This Bread Pillow


Love bread so much you want to snuggle up with it? Now you can with this realistic (and only slightly ridiculous) pillow!

Get the Levenkeness 3D Simulation Bread Shape Plush Pillow at Amazon!

The Perfect Gift for Dad


This mug sends a message of love without skimping out on the humor. It comes with a lid and golden spoon too, plus a really nice gift box, which will make the text on the mug even more unexpectedly funny!

Get the Rehave World’s Greatest Father Coffee Mug at Amazon!

This Bathroom Sign


This rustic sign looks very elegant at first with its cursive letters and wooden appearance, but you’ll quickly realize why it’s perfect for displaying right over the toilet!

Get the Kas Home Funny Bathroom Wall Art for just $16 at Amazon!

This Sarcastic Golf Glove


It’s always nice to practice good sportsmanship! Let someone know how great they’re doing…with a specific finger while wearing this glove.

Get the Nice Shot The Bird Gold Glove for just $20 at Amazon! 

This Straightforward Beanie


Wearing a beanie looks cool, but we all know it’s often to cover up our hair when it’s unwashed or unruly. Now everyone else will know too!

Get the Joyci Funny Bad Hair Day Beanie for just $8 at Amazon! 

This Squeeze Toy


A squishy squeeze toy can be nice in stressful situations, but this one has the added benefit of making you laugh too which its extra-silly face!

Get the Camsch Cute Blobfish Squeeze Toy for just $15 at Amazon! 

This Printed Toilet Paper


If you know a Star Wars fan who already has all of the collectibles, grab them this hilarious pack of printed toilet paper instead!

Get the Disruption Products Star Wars Funny Toilet Paper for just $34 at Amazon!

These Hyperrealistic Animal Socks


Get ready to freak everyone out at the holiday party (including the dog) with these paw socks. There are other animal socks on the same Amazon page too!

Get the FreeNFond Funny Animal Paw Socks for just $10 at Amazon! 

This Candid Candle


This is a great gift for anyone who curses like a sailor! It’s lavender scented too, so it’s great for calming down!

Get the Leado Scented Candle for just $23 at Amazon! 

This Kitchen Towel


Are we at the point of our Alexa doing our dishes yet? No? Okay, well this towel is the next best thing!

Get the WCGXKO Funny Kitchen Towel for just $17 at Amazon! 

This Prank Gift Box


Need an extra layer of “LOL” for any of the above gifts (or something else)? Grab this prank gift box that makes it look like a microscopic, nearly impossible puzzle is inside. Watch as they try to react happily while unwrapping it!

Get the Prank Pack 12,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Prank Gift Box for just $9 at Amazon! 


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