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Ashley Benson Says Getting Glam for ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Made Her ‘Not Care’ About Hair and Makeup

The Surprising Reason Ashley Benson Doesn’t Wear a Lot of Makeup
Ashley Benson. Courtesy of Hempz

She may have embraced lots of lipgloss and some serious eyeliner while playing Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars, but Ashley Benson takes a completely different approach to makeup IRL. 

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In fact, sitting down in a glam chair to get TV-ready when she was younger is actually the reason why she skips hair and makeup on the day-to-day. 

“It made me not care so much — which is very weird to say. Unless I’m working, I try not to do anything to my hair or my face. It made me not want to do any of that on my off time,” the 31-year-old actress exclusively told Us Weekly. “It made me very lazy.” 

Once upon a time, she rebelled by not taking off her makeup. Seriously, if her makeup artist didn’t wash her face before she left work, “I wouldn’t do it.” 

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Since then though, Benson has struck a pretty good balance when it comes to her beauty routine. The star, who is the first-ever celebrity brand ambassador for Hempz, likes to keep her skincare simple and natural for her admittedly “sensitive” and “reactive” skin. 

The Surprising Reason Ashley Benson Doesn’t Wear a Lot of Makeup
Courtesy of Hempz

Her go-to products include the Original Moisturizer, Sweet Jasmine and Rose Collection and CBD Body Moisturizer with Rose Oil. 

“Knowing that every ingredient going into my body is super healthy and that I’m not putting all kinds of weird chemicals [on my skin] is so nice. I moisturize a ton and knowing that nothing harmful is going onto my body [makes me] very comfortable putting all this on,” she explained, noting that the brand is all natural and paraben-free. 

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While she’s been a fan of the brand for quite some time, Benson is excited to share her love for Hempz and support of natural beauty with her fan base in a more formal capacity, calling it a “full circle” moment. 

“I’ve been photoshopped on magazines and I’ve been very outspoken about that, because it doesn’t look like you — and especially now with social media and all these filters and plastic surgery,” Benson shared with Stylish. “[I have] nothing against any of that — what’s best for you is best for you. But, being natural, embracing your own inner beauty and not having to compare yourself to others is really important.” 

She continued to explain that the most important step in “owning your inner beauty” is being “happy.” “Once you do that and accept everything about yourself, instead of trying to be something that you’re not or being so comparative to other and people you see on TV or magazines, you’re happier … I have to remind myself of that daily.”  

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