Channel Your Inner ‘Game of Thrones’ House With This Brush Kit

Game of Thrones makeup brushes
Game of Thrones brush set Courtesy Catch96

We’ve got just what you need to slay throughout all of the seven kingdoms: Game of Thrones makeup brushes. With just three more episodes left this year, these brushes come right in time to kick off the end of season 7 in full glam.

Catch 96 is making dreams come true from Winterfell to King’s Landing with its limited edition eye-shadow brush kit. The Britsh cosmetic company created the brushes to come in a set of eight, each one modeled with an emblem after one of the proud houses: House Stark, House Lannister, House Targaryen, House Martell, House Baratheon, House Greyjoy, House Tully and a single brush with a hand to represent the Hand of the King (or Queen). 

game of thrones makeup brushes
Game of Thrones brushes in silver. Courtesy Catch96

The set contains a brush for every need — a flat thick liner brush, tapered blending brush, flat long packing brush, flat shade bush and a blending brush, among others. They’re each made with high quality synthetic bristles and metal alloy handles not only to help you look great, but also to look like little pieces of art themselves.

game of thrones makeup brushes
Game of Thrones brushes in gold. Courtesy Catch96

Did we mention they come in different colors? You can choose from four different finishes: silver, bronze, copper or rose gold. Each set is also sold in a custom pouch for safekeeping. The best part is that this limited edition collection, originally $79.95, is on sale for $39.95 with free worldwide shipping!

You don’t need a small council to tell you this is a good deal. 

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