This Is What Donald Trump’s Face Would Look Like Without His Signature Glow: See the Altered Photo

Orange you glad that Photoshop exists?

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Donald Trump’s face got a wave from BuzzFeed’s magic wand on Tuesday, April 5. One of the site’s illustrators, Jen Lewis, got the inspired idea to edit the GOP presidential front-runner’s face, getting rid of his orangy glow — because she simply thought, “I wonder what he would look like without his tan?” Lewis wrote

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In the photo, the business mogul, 69, is significantly paler than he usually appears. Lewis used the Photoshop Eyedropper tool and sampled the color around Trump’s eyes. She proceeded to apply that color around his entire face. After she tweeted her masterpiece, she wrote that “a bunch of people” got mad at her. In one tweeter’s own words: “no no no no no no NO NO NO NO NON ONONON ONNON.”

Donald Trump
Trump Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Even Lewis herself thought the results were unnerving. “Warning: This is the scariest thing I’ve ever Photoshopped and I’ve Photoshopped some scary things,” she tweeted along with a link to her story.

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Jezebel upped the ante and colored Trump’s mug red, yellow, orange, violet, Shrek green and Smurf blue.

Former GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio once mocked his onetime political rival after the former Apprentice star tweeted a photo of the politician getting his makeup done. “It is amazing me to me, that the guy with the worst spray tan in America is attacking me,” Rubio cracked at a Kennesaw, Georgia, rally in February. 

He continued: “Donald Trump likes to sue people; he should sue whoever did that to his face!”

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