Dream Wedding: Katie and Richard


Bride Name: Katie McMahon, 26
Groom Name: Richard Scangarello, 38
Hometown: Brandon, Mississippi

How We Met: I was working in media relations for an athletic department and Richard was a football coach. While passing out the statistics during one of the games, I heard someone yell "Smoke, smoke, smoke."  Not knowing what was going on, I immediately yelled, "Fire!" and started to run out of the building.  Just then, the crowd erupted into cheers.  Our team had scored a touchdown!?  I turned around to see the entire press box laughing at me.  "Smoke" was a call for a deceptive football play.  I was mortified.  Later at a celebration, I saw Richard, who at the time I had never met.  He approached me with a smile and asked, "Were you the girl yelling 'Fire?'  At that point we both shared a laugh, and he introduced himself.  He asked me out to dinner, and three years later he asked for my hand in marriage.

Our Dream Wedding: It would be outside on the grass. Violins would play as I walked down the aisle scattered with flower petals in soft greens and yellow with a touch of blue. The reception would take place at a warm hall with space for mingling and seating. I'd want a photo booth, and the room to be inviting and warm so that my guests would feel at ease and ready to have the best time.  It would be an incredible celebration, filled with dancing, laughing, and loving.

Obstacles We Overcame: While Richard and I were dating, a man broke into my apartment and attempted to sexually assault me.  After a struggle, I was able to fight him off and notify the police.  After a 140 mph car chase, the suspect was caught, and I was able to positively identify him as my attacker. I could not sleep at night, and I was becoming increasingly angry and distant. Richard tried to be there for me in any way he could, but I made that very difficult.  I ended the relationship because I was unable to emotionally connect to a man at that point in my life. I started to see a trauma therapist twice a week, and I began to work through my post-traumatic stress syndrome.  About a month later, I was preparing to testify against my attacker in a court of law.  Richard reached out to me and offered support.  He brought me dinner, held me at night, and became a pillar of strength.  We rekindled our romance, and most importantly our friendship.  My attacker received 24 years to life in prison.  Together, we were able to overcome this obstacle through supporting each other, and offering emotional strength.  To this day, I am so very grateful that Richard was there for me.

Our Fave Celeb Wedding: I really loved Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding because it was such a romantic venue, and the whole thing just seemed dreamy.  Recently Carrie Underwood got married, and I loved that her wedding was warm and had a comfort factor.  These are elements that I hope to incorporate in our wedding.

Why You Should Pick Us: There are so many things I am unsure about in life.  I am not sure where I will live in a year.  I am not sure if I will be blessed with children.  I am not sure that I will ever meet my biological mom.  I am positively sure that Richard is the "One".  He is my best friend, in that we enjoy each other's company in any and all activities that we are doing.  He makes me want to be better as a person and to do the right thing, and I charge him with the same thing.  We both have a passion for life that is undeniable.  We both love to travel and experience new places, and things.  Richard and I appreciate that we are both different people in so many ways, yet we are incredible understanding of those differences.

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