Bella Hadid Gets Candid With Sister Gigi About Why She So Rarely Smiles in Pics

Bella Hadid
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Bella Hadid is arguably one of the most famous faces in the world, but for those obsessed with the supermodel, it may seem she seldom smiles. And now Bella wants to set the record straight about the biggest misconceptions about her —  and she took the opportunity in a new interview by her big sister and fellow supermodel Gigi Hadid in Harper’s Bazaar.

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First thing is first: Bella tells G that people would be surprised that, in fact, she never goes a day without smiling. “People always say I have the same facial expressions. But what they don’t realize is that for a long time I looked that way because photographers on set would direct me to look ‘bored’ or ‘very nonchalant.’” She tells her sister, “ But it isn’t necessarily the way I really am. You’ve known me, of course, my whole life. And ever since I was a baby, I was always smiling.”

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Gigi also brings up negative social media comments and people’s assumptions about her character from her appearance in photos. On accusations of one-sidedness from social media, Bella tells Gigi, “They see such a small piece of our lives, like paparazzi photos of us leaving the house. You know how awkward that is? To walk out of your own home and have 40 people waiting outside. And then you need to smile at random strangers.”

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But as her big sister Gigi points out in the interview, though she may not always be caught looking like she’s in a good mood in pictures, the the supermodel often exudes warmth and extends kindness and compassion to fans. In fact, her sibling says Bella always takes the time to stop and talk to her supporters after a long day’s work — something the cameras might not capture. “That goes back to how we were raised. As you know, our mom always taught us that you should treat everyone the same, whether it’s the president or the person working under you. Everyone’s time is important. That’s why I always stop for fans. They could be at home with their families, but they’re not: They’re standing outside our hotel in the cold just to give us a hug. That means something!” she explained.

For more intimate details on the Bella Hadid we don’t really know in the public eye, check out the rest of her interview with Gigi in Harper’s Bazaar.


Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid
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