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Gwen Stefani Spills About Her Style Evolution and Her Spring Tura Glasses Collection

Gwen Sefani

Good news for people blessed with a deep appreciation for Gwen Stefani’s style but not blessed with the gift of 20-20 vision: The Voice judge’s 2018 spring collection for gx and L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani for Tura eyeglasses line has arrived. And to celebrate, she sat down with Stylish to chat about her new glasses designs, her recent fashion evolution and wearing lipstick with frames. Read the highlights below!


On her surprise love of designing eyeglasses:

“I wanted to do sunglasses forever, but opticals never crossed my mind. Before I started the line, I had gotten a pair of Tom Ford frames before I got pregnant with Apollo, but it was more work to put them on. But now I get so excited for the opticals. Sunglasses are just icing on the cake!”

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On what she likes about making frames:

“What’s so cool with this line is that people are buying it because they look good on them. It kind of has to be that way. People go with what they feel comfortable in. Glasses are cool because they’re so inclusive of so many people. It’s so exciting when I go to Instagram or Twitter and I see people showing off the new collection. People are just wearing them because they like them. It’s such a huge jolt. The new collection just came to my house, and I’m having so much fun. One of my favorite pairs is a gray pair called Lenka [shown below], but there are so many good ones.”



Gwen Sefani

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On how she makes it a family affair:

“My middle son, Zuma, he has to wear glasses all the time. When I first heard — you feel bad. You don’t want ever want anything hard for your kids. But then he ended up being part of my inspiration. It helped shift the focus from sunglasses to optical, and I didn’t expect that.“

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On how her career, life, and romance changes in recent years have changed her style:

“My style has for sure been impacted. I wasn’t one to wear a lot of girlie things but now I’m going for more feminine things. It’s really weird, I’ve always been an emotional dresser my whole life. I just would want to go with how I’m feeling or what I feel like about my body and that would dictate my style. So now I’m feeling more feminine.”


Gwen Sefani

On pairing bright frames with bright lipstick:

“I’m the no-rules queen. I would say go ahead and wear bold lipstick. I can imagine all sorts of colors that would look dope with bright frames!”

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