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Halle Berry Hilariously Struggles to Fit into Tight Boots That Were ‘Literally’ Made For Her: Photos

Halle Berry Hilariously Struggles to Fit into Tight Boots That Were ‘Literally Made For’ Her4
Courtesy Halle Berry/ Instagram

Wardrobe malfunction! Halle Berry struggled to fit inside a pair of boots that were “literally” made for her.

The Moonfall actress, 56, took to Instagram on Sunday, April 30, to share the LOL-worthy video. In the reel, Berry and her longtime stylist, Lindsay Flores, worked together to put on a pair of Dolce & Gabbana boots. The Academy Award winner already had one of the purple and blue heels partially on, but was stomping in them to try and get her foot all the way in.

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“They were literally made for you!” Flores exclaimed when the boots didn’t budge. Berry dead-panned, “Well literally they are not. If they were literally made for me they would fit me.”

The duo then applied oil to the X-Men: Days of Future Past actress’ bare foot in an attempt to slide the other shoe on. The celebrity stylist bent down and tried shoving the Strictly Business star’s foot into the boot as hard as she could. “Your elbow was in my hoo-ha!” Berry laughed.

“Make the best of it. Act like you are [in the boot],” Flores instructed the Ohio native. Berry then stumbled around the glam room while trying to fit into the ill-fitting footwear. “This is not gonna work,” she laughed. Ultimately, Berry started playfully spanking Flores as the stylist tried one last attempt to get the boots to fit. The actress did not reveal if she eventually got the shoes on or not.

Halle Berry Hilariously Struggles to Fit into Tight Boots That Were ‘Literally Made For’ Her3
Courtesy Halle Berry/Instagram

The A Second Chance actress paired the boots with a matching mini dress, also designed by the Italian fashion house. The frock featured a funky pattern, short sleeves and was finished with jewel embellishments. Her hair was parted down the side and worn in a chic pixie cut.

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Berry captioned the social media video, “Bad and Booshy back at it! 😂,” and tagged Flores. Fans were quick to show their enthusiasm for the Dark Tide actress’s outfit in the comments.

“Lol I legit laughed the entire time watching this,” one wrote. Another praised, “I LOVE YALL FRIENDSHIP.” More followers asked for a “part 2” to find out if Berry was able to successfully wear the shoes or not.

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Berry and Flores have been working together for over 20 years. In an April 2021 interview with Vogue, the stylist gushed about the actress: “There is a trust between us that allows fashion magic to happen.” She continued, “We always keep it real, keep it easy, and keep it fun — because fashion should be fun.”

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