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A Plastic Surgeon Explains the Process of Dissolving Lip Filler a la Kylie Jenner 

Kylie Jenner
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On Sunday, July 8, Kylie Jenner revealed in an Instagram comment that she had decided to do away with her lip filler, and now we’re hearing more:  According to a source, Kylie made the decision a few months ago to stop getting regular filler injections and “had Hyaluronidase [an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid fillers] injected into her lips over a period of several weeks, to naturally dissolve the filler.” The source says the injectable Jenner had been using was Juvederm Voluma — a filler more often used for the cheek region.

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Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner’s lips now and then (L-R). Getty Images

Kylie herself has yet to comment on the exact filler used or how she dissolved it, but, we reached out to plastic surgeon Dr. Dara Liotta to get the scoop on what getting your filler dissolved actually entails.

Most fillers that are used in the lips are made of hyaluronic acid, Dr. Liotta explains, which is important to note because that is why fillers aren’t permanent. Our bodies naturally have an enzyme Hyaluronidase, which breaks down hyaluronic acid — hence why your injections need to be redone over time. But, if you want to de-plump your pout a la Kylie, “you can inject this same enzyme in the areas that filler has been placed to dissolve the filler,” explains Liotta, who adds that it takes about 24 hours for filler to dissolve.

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Also important to note: there is no formula of exactly how much enzyme to inject — that’s up to your surgeon. Crucial info: “Yes, you can definitely dissolve filler slowly over time for a gradual return to baseline,” according to Dr. Liotta. This of course, could explain why Kylie’s lips, though significantly less pouty than they were a month ago, still don’t seem to be as small as they were pre-injections.  Liotta further clarifies that you can definitely dissolve Voluma in one session without any negative side effects, you would have to inject a lot of Hyaluronidase. “I prefer two or three sessions spaced about a week apart,” she explains.

Our takeaway: Kylie’s pout might evolve some more before this journey is done.

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Another note of importance, of course, is that while it has been speculated that Juvederm Voluma was what Kylie used for her oh-so-infamous pout, Liotta tells Us that it causes a big change in volume that is not as subtle as other fillers.

It’s been quite the roller coaster ride with Kylie, her lips and injectables, but somehow, we can’t help but feel like Kylie’s famous mouth is about to turn a new leaf into another game-changing phase.

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