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RHONJ’s Dolores Catania on Her Botched Breast Surgery: They Looked Like Rocks in a Sock

Dolores Catania
Rob Kim/Getty; Courtesy Jessielyn Palumbo

Although The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s seventh season has come to a close, a brand-new chapter is beginning for Dolores Catania. The reality star, who got a botched breast augmentation 12 years ago, has a new outlook after reconstructive surgery in late October. “Age has nothing to do with when you’re going to get plastic surgery,” she tells Stylish. “I don’t gauge it by what age I am. Like, Oh, when I’m 60, I’ll get it — why wouldn’t I do it now and enjoy it? I want to look younger.”

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After two surgeries, Catania got the feeling that something wasn’t right. The gym owner says that clothes didn’t hang properly on her “baggy” bust. “They looked like two rocks in a sock,” she reminisces. “That’s the only way I can describe it.”

Dolores Catania
Dolores Catania/Instagram

Dr. Ryan Neinstein, who performed Catania’s third surgery in October 2016, agrees with the comparison. “If you put too large of an implant in there, it looks like someone put a rock in a sock,” he said. “The skin and tissue were totally stretched. The second surgery, she had just stretched her skin and tissue more.”

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The decade-old procedure didn’t only affect her wardrobe. “My self-confidence was really shot,” Catania, who shares two children with ex-husband Frank, reveals. “My chest looked like the way people complain after they breastfed their children, which I never did.”

Dolores Catania
Courtesy of Dolores Catania

Ready for a change, Catania enlisted David Greuner, a New York City–based surgeon, to give her full liposuction and a butt lift, the results of which can be seen on part 2 of the reunion November 13. After Catania recovered, Greuner, owner of NYC Surgical Associates, referred her to Neinstein, who removed and replaced the implants with more natural-feeling ones. He gave her an “internal bra” using a tissue matrix, and finished with a full breast lift.

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Dolores Catania
Courtesy of Dolores Catania

“She has healed so nicely and had almost no pain. She was up and moving around a few days after,” Neinstein says. “I’m very happy with the result.”

And so is Catania. “Not only was this done right, but it was done where it was made to last. I will never have to have it done again,” she gushes. “I’m going to be 90 years old and still have the big boobs, and I could not be happier.”

Dolores Catania
Paul Zimmerman/WireImage; CJ Rivera/Getty

For anyone considering going under the knife, Catania suggests choosing the right surgeon. “You can’t go by what they say online, because I know the best surgeons that get bad reviews because they have somebody that’s angry or angry at the world,” she says. “You want to really speak to someone who has been to the doctor, like myself, who really knows what they’re talking about.”