Jasmine Tookes’ Tricks to Looking and Feeling Her Best — and Her Sweet Reason for Keeping Old Perfume Bottles

Jasmine Tookes Victoria's Secret Perfume
Jasmine Tookes holds her Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Wild Flower Perfume. Victoria's Secret

A little perfume goes a long way! Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes sat down with Stylish at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills to celebrate the launch of the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Wildflower fragrance collection (a scent she happens to be the face of) ahead of Valentine’s Day and dished on her tips for feeling sexy.

“I love that this scent is bold, but not too bold,” the 28-year-old explained. “It’s very fresh and once you put it on, you feel powerful and right when you spritz it, you know you’re gonna feel good.”

And when it comes to perfume, Tookes has been a lover of fragrances for as long as she can remember. “Sometimes I’ll put on an old perfume, like the Victoria’s Secret Love Spell one and if I ever smell that or my friends has it on I’m like, ‘Oh my God. That reminds me of high school,’” she revealed.

Besides adding a little spritz to help make her feel extra confident or bring back fond memories, the model said she feels her sexiest when she’s happy. “I feel my most confident, best and sexiest when I’m content with my friends, myself and when I’ve been working out a lot.”

Jasmine Tookes Victoria's Secret Perfume
Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Wild Flower Perfume. Victoria's Secret

Her workout of choice? A Pilates class or session with her personal trainer Justin Gelband.

“I train a lot to put on some muscle and add weights so I feel really strong, but I feel like I see a big change from my diet because if you’re not eating properly, your workouts are not gonna show how hard you’re working in the gym,“ she told Stylish.

A quick move she does in the comfort of her home? “I have a small trampoline at my house and I’ll do a bunch of different jumping sequences and it really is the quickest thing to tone your legs and make them feel really good,” she said. “You can also do a plank for a minute before you throw on a bikini and you’re ready!”

After her mind and body are in check, Tookes is all about taking care of her skin with clean and natural with products like fresh aloe, vitamin E and vitamin C and facials. “I think facials are really good and I love going to Shani Darden in L.A. because whenever you leave there you feel glowing,” she said.

If she doesn’t have time to pop in for an esthetician appointment, Tookes relies on bronzey colored makeup. “I like really warm-toned makeup and anything that makes me feel like I just came back from vacation and like I have that natural glow,” she said.

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