Watch Kandee Johnson Turn Kim Kardashian Into Princess Jasmine in This Tutorial 

It was a meeting of the two glam titans: Kandee Johnson, YouTuber, makeup guru and panelist on Glam Masters and Kim Kardashian, beauty entrepreneur and executive producer of Glam Masters. The cosmetics queens got together to film a tutorial for Johnson’s YouTube channel — but it wasn’t just any old beauty tutorial because Johnson transformed Kim into a living, breathing Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin.


Of course, this video was a match made in beauty heaven because Kardashian has always said that Jasmine was her favorite Disney Princess — and she’s even dressed up as the iconic animated character.


Now, the key to the whole tutorial is nailing Jasmine’s eyebrows (as Kandee puts it, she always looks like she is sweetly asking a question), which required masking Kim’s natural arches and drawing on a completely different shape. The key to this: an Elmer’s glue stick, and more importantly the purple kind. Why? As it dries it turns totally clear. Kandee applies the glue to Kim’s natural brows in the direction opposite to which they grow to get the formula in between all of the hairs and then she smooths them back to the proper direction in an “icing the cake” motion.


Once the glue is completely dry, she pats concealer on top. “Paint it on and makeup it heavy — it’s not going to be completely smooth,” Kandee explains. Then, she blends the color up onto the forehead. Key tip: don’t take a makeup brush to smooth anything out, it will just move the concealer around. Instead, apply some peachy eyeshadow on top of the concealer to further cover any hairs and proceed to creating the brows with the arch at the very end of the eye. Kandee uses the Tarteist clay liner to make a preliminary sketch with an eyeliner brush — but she warns to be sure to keep the shape pretty rounded. Then, she goes in with a Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Liner to draw on individual hair details. Kandee explains that she uses the Clinique liner for this because it creates a defined and sharp edge really easily, making it a great tool for faking fine baby hairs on the brows.

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Speaking  of brows, Kim reveals that while she’s never gone for “question” brows before, she did rock super thin arches for a period of time as an homage to fellow beauty queen Drew Barrymore.

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In comparison to the brows, the eye makeup for the look is relatively simple. Kandee uses a taupey gray shadow (cobblestone by Ben Nye) and applies it from the inner to the outer corner and all over the lid, explaining that if you don’t have a crease, applying it from the inner eyeball to outer eyeball will create the illusion of a defined socket line. Then, she says to take Benefit Hoola Bronzer (or your bronzer of choice) and blend that along the edges of the taupe to soften, warm up the look and make it look just a smidge more natural.

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What would a Princess Jasmine Look be without eyeliner? Incomplete. Much like the brows, Jasmine’s liner requires a little more effort to create a winged look. Kandee starts by using Urban Decay Perversion in the waterline and a bit in the lash line to darken things up because “it’s the blackest and really stays put.” Then, she wiggles some black pencil into the upper lash line, following with some pressed black eye shadow on top of the liner to keep it in place. All of this to create a base for the wing! Then, Johnson says to create the feline eye with care to extend it all the way into the inner corner and be sure to make sure there’s no flesh peeking out between the liner and lashes — that could look slapdash! Then she applies false lashes.


As for the finishing touch? No princess pout is complete without lipstick and Kandee employees her Too Faced Lipstick in the Shade Sweet and Sour from the Kandee Collection to finish the job. She adds a Kim Kimble wig and the look is 100% complete.


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