Kendall Jenner’s Closet Is Filled With This Unexpected Item

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner Caleb Adams for Vogue

Imagine going inside a supermodel’s closet and your mind may conjure up rows and rows of designer dresses, handbags and shoes — or if that particular model is Kendall Jenner, thigh-high boots. 

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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 21, is inviting the world into her closet as part of Vogue‘s new series in collaboration with Condé Nast Entertainment, Supermodel Closets, which launched on the brand’s YouTube channel on Tuesday, August 15. So what’s it like when a cover girl such as Jenner or the legendary Cindy Crawford lets you inside her most coveted space? Julina Tatlock, who produced the series, exclusively spills the deets to Us.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner Caleb Adams for Vogue

Us: What can viewers expect from this series?

JT: When we shoot the series the models are almost always alone with the camera, so when Kendall’s showing you her closet — everything from the boots that Kanye [West] gave her to her Met Gala dress — it’s really intimate; you’re alone with her. 

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UsWhat’s the wildest or most unexpected thing you encountered in a celebrity closet? 

JT: I find bags the most bizarre. Fancy, really expensive designer water bottle bags, fuzzy creature bags, embroidered handbags that are really works of art. Few of them are practical and all of them are unusual!

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Us: Which celeb had the neatest closet? The messiest?

JT: All the closets were incredibly neat. I had the feeling that Cindy actually lives that way, while other supermodels (I won’t say who!) had an organizer come in to work on the closets before we got there. 

Us: If you could trade closets with one of the celebs, who would it be and why?

JT: Kendall. She doesn’t just have her “pieces” for the runway and fashion shoots but also her clothes for every day. Every day is a new outfit that reflects her mood. She makes high fashion seem so personal! Vintage tees and designer pants, walls and walls of heels and sneakers — she wears them all. 

Us: What stood out about Kendall Jenner’s closet the most?

JT: Kendall Jenner has to have the best collection of thigh-high boots of anyone in the world. She tried them on for us and aside from taking a long time to get into, they look amazing on her. I have never seen anyone pull them off the way she does.

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