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Kim Kardashian Spills About Her New KKW Beauty Beams Collection and North’s Girlie Girl Status

Kim Kardashian
Courtesy Kim Kardashian


The Kardashian-West family isn’t the only thing that’s growing in Kim Kardashian’s life — so is her KKW Beauty product line. She’s about to drop two new must-haves for holiday, the Ultra Light Beam Gloss and the matching Ultra Light Beam Powder. They’ll be sold together in sets of a gloss with a coordinating powder for $32 or as an entire collection of 5 powders and 5 glosses for $160 when they debut on on December 1.

To celebrate the launch, the reality star sat down with Stylish to spill about the latest additions to her makeup line, the funny way she bribes her daughter North to go to school, how long she’s planning on staying blonde and her growing family.


Kim Kardashian
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Stylish: So tell Us about these two new formulas Are they made to be used together or is it more to color coordinate your lips and your highlight?
Kardashian: You don’t have to wear them together. They could be totally separate, and the gloss is sheer enough to where you can put it on top of the pigment, which I think is cool for the holiday. If you want to do a really glitzy eye you could put the gloss on top of the shimmer.

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Stylish: You’re so known for your nude lip and highlighter in your makeup looks — was there kind of extra pressure on these two items since they’re so quintessentially Kim Kardashian?
Kardashian: Yeah. I mean, I went through these highlighters a lot. I definitely wanted to make sure that they were perfect. I went through a few rounds just because I wanted the intensity to be right … You don’t want it too chalky. You want it to have enough pigment, but not too thick of a pigment. You want it to be really fine. So I definitely had my rules of things that I knew that I wanted.  I’m so happy with how it turned out. All of the colors are so beautiful. I literally rotate between what my favorite color is. It’s so hard to pick just one.

With the gloss, I just wanted it to really look juicy and not too pigmented. I love a sheer, just pretty, juicy lip.

Stylish: Your dad famously got you and your sisters makeup lessons when you were young. Do you feel like that had any influence on you becoming a beauty mogul?
Kardashian: Yeah, I do think it helped to get me really interested. Also, one of my best friends growing up, her dad started the company Make Up For Ever and she would bring over all these testers and shimmers and pigments, and I became obsessed. So between the makeup lessons and that, I was hooked on makeup.



Kim Kardashian
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Stylish: What did you learn from your mom about beauty?
Kardashian: My mom has gone to the same facialist since she was 17-years-old, so she would always teach us about just taking care of our skin. Moisturizer, always washing off our makeup every night with a really hot washcloth, little tricks like that.

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Stylish: Does North play around with your makeup products at all? Is she a girlie girl?
Kardashian: She does. She’s such a girlie girl. She loves all of my products. She loves the glosses. She’s just, she loves makeup. Sometimes I have to bribe her to go to school and be like, “Do you want to put on some makeup?’ and she’ll say, “Okay.” I’ll put on fake makeup, and she won’t know because she’s not looking in the mirror, but she thinks it’s all on her face, and we’ll be driving to school, and she’ll say, “Mom, do I still have it on?” And I’m like, “Yes, you sure do.”

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Stylish: How about Kanye? Do you ever ask his opinion on the products?
Kardashian: You know what? I don’t — maybe more the packaging but not the actual products. I remember one time I wore this highlighter and he did not like it. It was not mine, and I don’t want to say which one it was. He was like, “That is really bright. That is very — like, you have gold on your face or shimmer, glitter or something,” he said. I was like, “It’s called highlighter. And, okay, I put way too much on.”


Kim Kardashian
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Stylish: You’ve been blonde for a while. Do blondes have more fun?
Kardashian: You know, it’s very fun. It’s definitely different. I have been blonde awhile. I’m not going to stay blonde too much longer. It’s very high-maintenance. I’m literally toning it right now [laughs]. So it is really intense, but I love it. I think it’s so much fun. It was such a moment. I really wanted to stay with it long enough because the last time it was super yellow, and I really just wanted to get this right and keep it for a while. So I’m really happy I did.

Stylish: You obviously have a growing family. Are you looking forward to that?
Kardashian: I can only comment on my growing family, which is just the West family. I’m really excited to welcome a new baby into the family, and I think it’ll be such a fun time. It’s always exciting!

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