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Skinny Jeans! Puff Sleeves! Lauren Graham Has Lots of Questions About Gen Z’s Fashion Choices 

Lauren Graham Asks Twitter for Help Settling the Skinny Jean Debate
Lauren Graham. Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

SOS! Millennials thought they said sayonara to low rise jeans and butterfly clips way back when, but then Gen Z challenged every fashion trend ever — declaring skinny jeans a thing of the past. The world has been back and forth on the style stalemate — and now Lauren Graham is giving her two scents on the issue.

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“Calling all Fashion People! I need your help. Are skinny jeans over, and does every blouse now require a giant Bridgerton-level balloon sleeve? This is what I’m seeing on the streets out there, and I am very frightened,” the 54-year-old actress wrote on Twitter on April 6, 2021.

The proposition was quickly met with a slew of responses, with tweeters taking both sides. Those in favor of skinny jeans — also the age group that fondly remembers Graham during the Gilmore Girls days — shared their love for skin-tight pants.

“The thing about all of this is that it seems to me that giant balloon sleeves go better with skinny jeans than other jeans. What are you supposed to wear on the bottom with balloon sleeves if not skinnies,” one person writes.

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Others poked fun at Gen-Z style in general, pointing out that some of the more recent fashion trends, like knit sweater shrugs that just cover the neck and shoulders, aren’t all too great.

“I hear the skin jeans are out thing but then it’s supposedly coming from the Gen Z camp. As I have no clue what that means, I’ve decided I’m too old (at 36) to let it bother me. You always look great, so wear what you feel comfortable in. Much love LG,” a tweeter writes.

Alas, those born after 1998 laid their cards on the table, insisting that it’s time to permanently put skinny jeans to rest. In fact, one user even posted a photo tutorial of how to rock both the wide leg denim trend and puff sleeves reminiscent of proms from years’ past.

“No more skinny jeans BUT straight leg jeans with rips and big sleeves are definitely in :)) this is what I’ve been wearing a lot of,” writes the high-school aged girl.

While Graham may lean more to the millennial side, other celebs have become the blueprint for street style. Take Bella Hadid for example.

The 24-year-old model has not only been seen strutting about in low rise jeans a la the Simple Life days on more than one occasion, but she’s also called for the resurgence of the ‘90s bathing suit trends.

On Monday, April 5, Hadid somehow made tankinis a Gen Z fashion statement after posting her look to Instagram, which was complete with a bucket hat. She captioned the photo with a simple smiley face.

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