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Lori Harvey Taught Boyfriend Michael B. Jordan ‘Everything’ About Skincare: ‘He Literally Washed His Face With a Wet Rag’ 

Lori Harvey Taught Boyfriend Michael B Jordan Everything About Skincare
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Crash course! Lori Harvey wasn’t about to let boyfriend Michael B. Jordan continue on clueless when in came to skincare. Instead, the 24-year-old SKN by LH founder made sure to revamp her beau’s entire routine. And from the sounds of it, his regimen needed a little TLC. 

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“He learned everything from me,” the beauty boss, who partnered with Facebook’s second annual #BuyBlack campaign to highlight Black-owned businesses , exclusively told Us Weekly. “He literally used to wash his face with a wet rag. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, no. I need to put some serum and moisturizer and eye cream on you. What’s happening?’” 

So if you’ve been wondering why the actor’s skin has been looking a little * extra * glowy these days, it’s because Harvey has him stocked up with a “full routine.” 

“I really taught him the importance of, ‘You gotta take care of your skin. You gotta be diligent.’ He’s good now, he’s educated. But he definitely learned from me,” she joked to Us. 

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Harvey is a pretty great mentor to have in the skincare space. Given that she’s spent years formulating her clean, vegan and sensitive-skin approved line, it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about products. 

In present day, she has her “incredible” Vitamin C Serum and skincare know-how to thank for her next-level radiance, but Harvey has been chasing “the glow” way before she had her own line to rely on. 

Lori Harvey Taught Boyfriend Michael B Jordan Everything About Skincare 2
Lori Harvey Maya Darasaw

“I’ve always been a skincare enthusiast. If you saw my skincare cabinet, you’d be like, ‘Are you ok?’” she laughed to Stylish. “I have so many products. I used to love trying everything. I liked trying new ingredients and seeing what works with my skin, what didn’t. I used to go to Sephora for one thing and I would leave with 50.” 

While she’s finally found the perfect routine for her skin thanks to SKN by LH, Harvey still has her fair share of stories from her days experimenting with skincare. 

One of her DIY treatements gone wrong? “Painting” Vaseline all over her face. “I’ve always been in love and obsessed with having glowing skin so I was like, ‘Ok, If I just put Vaseline all over my face and let it soak in for a little bit and wipe the excess off, then I’m moisturizing my face,’” she recalled. 

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While this little process, also known as slugging, may have become popular on TikTok this year,  it’s not the best choice for all skin types. “As I got older, I kept doing it and I was really just clogging my pores and making myself break out extremely badly. So, I learned my lesson,” she added. 

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