Nicole Richie On Why She Dyed Her Hair Blue: “I’m Basically a 20-Year-Old Idiot”

Nicole Richie poses for Yahoo Style
Nicole Richie spoke to Yahoo Style about her bright blue hair color.  Vijat Mohindra

Turning back time with every salon visit!  

Nicole Richie's collection of daring hair shades read like hues out of a crayon box. She's gone pink, lavender, and baby blue — and now with midnight navy-toned hair, there's no telling what color the fashion designer will rock next. 

In an interview with Yahoo Style, Richie, 33, admits she had to make a few style tweaks with her rainbow colored locks. 

Nicole Richie - Yahoo Style
Nicole Richie models a sexy plunging blazer look for Yahoo Style. Vijat Mohindra

"Having colored hair has helped because there are some things I'm just not going to wear right now," she said about editing her closet. "It's safe to say you're not going to see me in anything sparkling from head-to-toe like a Studio 54 disco ball. So I can put that away."


The trendsetting mother of Harlow, 6, and Sparrow, 5, added, "I don't want to overwhelm myself visually." 

Married to Joel Madden since 2010, she also explained her reasoning for going bright blue. "You know what I realized? You know who colors their hair all the time? 20-year-old idiots," she said. 

Nicole Richie - Yahoo Style
Nicole Richie poses in a chic cream ensemble for Yahoo Style. Vijat Mohindra

"They don't care. Every time I would dye my hair and every time I would wash my hair it would come out a different color and I was like, 'Am I doing something wrong?' And then it hit me: No one else complains because they're 20 and an idiot," Richie mused. 


"If you're going to have colored hair and you have to go with the flow and think to yourself, 'I'm 20, I don't care'" she added.   

Amen, sister! On opinions regarding her ever-changing look, Richie cares little about that too. "People have their opinions no matter what," she said. "You have to live your life to your own purpose. Figure out what your purpose is here and do that."

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