Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Shares His Hacks for Better Skin and Hair

Yas, queen! When he’s not busy whipping up guacamole and making over someone’s life on Netflix’s Queer Eye, Antoni Porowski keeps up with a very detailed and regimented skin and haircare routine. The Canada native, who stopped by Us Weekly to talk about keeping up with his plant-based diet for the New Year, with the help of Country Crock’s Plant Butter, spilled the secrets on his flawless skin, hair and more. Watch the exclusive video above to hear it from the expert himself.

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But First, Water
“The thing that has really helped my skin the most by far is drinking an offensive amount of water. Not like offensive to the point of where you get sick. But like whenever I want to have a coffee, I always try to have a glass of water instead. Especially after flights because I get very dehydrated.”

Get Your Feet Wet
“Maybe this is TMI, but I really sweat a lot on my feet when I work out and they kind of get clammy and really gross and then they get really dry when I’m on a flight. Jonathan taught me this. If your feet are really dry and crackly, if you moisturize them very aggressively and then you put on socks and then you sleep with them at night and then you take them off, your feet are like soft little doughy babies.”

Queer Eyes Antoni Porowski Shares His Hacks For Better Skin and Hair
Antoni Porowski.

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Free Samples? Yes, Please
“One of my favorite things at hotels is samples. And I constantly get made fun of because I take samples from hotels, especially when they’re like really nice chic brands cause they just feel fancy and I don’t want them to go to waste. So I’m basically a hoarder of samples.”

No Shower, No Problem
“I don’t really wash my hair and I think that’s kind of the best solution for me. Every 10 days to 14 days is kind of the sweet spot because you don’t want it getting stinky. But then I use hot water every day to try to get some of the filth out. But if my hair is really clean then I kind of feel like a bit of a chia pet and everything is really poofy.”

Don’t DIY Everything
“I went in the ocean and I took a swim ’cause I’m Pisces and that’s what we do. And I got out of the water and I remember thinking like how much I loved that oceanic, sort of like that salty feeling. So I bottled it. I started putting it in my hair and then two or three friends made a comment asking if I like wore deodorant that day or if I had washed my shirt and I didn’t understand. And then when I decided to use the Google and learn on the internet that ocean water doesn’t really sit well. I learned to go back to my friends and Bumble and Bumble who have an awesome salt spray.”

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Tone It Down
“I use a toner. There’s a brand called Biologique Recherche, it’s like this little plastic capsule situation and you put that on your skin. And I love something that it stings a little bit and apparently there’s Worcestershire in the toner, which is kind of odd but kind of nice. And so that kind of opens up my pores. And I use La Prairie’s ultra booster. It looks like it’s from the future and it’s this nice little Chrome bottle with this like little gel that kind of like plumps you up. And I think it even like helps absorb whatever you’re putting into your skin.”

Moisturizing Is Key
“I love my Tata Harper, I love Tata herself. I love everything that she stands for. She lives in Vermont on a farm with a bunch of bomb ass awesome women who help her do what she does. And she’s a legend. The brand is always important, but it’s always the person behind it that gets me really excited, especially when you meet somebody who’s a really good person and she’s that person. So then I put her under eye cream and then I put the moisturizer.”

Beauty Sleep
Kiehl’s makes a really nice midnight oil that has a little bit of lavender in it. And then there are some days where I just can’t be bothered and I’m exhausted and I take my melatonin gummies and I just go to bed and I’m like, ‘You know what? Today’s not a day where my face is getting a lot of attention.’ But I do my best.”

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