‘RHONY’ Star Sonja Morgan Gets Real About Her CoolSculpting Nonsurgical Fat Treatment Experience

Sonja Morgan
Sonja Morgan Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Even with the temperatures dropping low, Sonja Morgan isn’t afraid of a little cold — especially CoolSculpting. If you haven’t already heard about the nonsurgical treatment, you need to: The FDA-cleared procedure uses laser technology to literally freeze stubborn fat leaving you with long-lasting results — and ready for bikini season. Celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and more have undergone the trendy way of slimming in a hurry. And now that the Real Housewives of New York star is the latest on the bandwagon, she opened up to Us and got real about the procedure.

Stylish: Now that you did your first CoolSculpting session, how was your experience?
SM: I feel like the last person on earth to try CoolSculpting, everyone’s been talking about it and doing it. And I knew that it actually worked because of that. I trusted my doctor because he came very highly recommended.

Stylish: Were you nervous?
SM: I’m gonna tell you when I got there, he was actually ready to put the suction apparatus on me — I was nervous. I was excited, too. But it’s like a vacuum cleaner, it attaches itself to you. Then they put the cooling action on, and then it’s done in 35 minutes.

Stylish: Did you feel any pain?
SM: It didn’t hurt, it was just like, when is this going to be over? And then I decided let me do some emails, which I never have time to sit and do. So I thought, “This is great.” But there was no downtime for me. I hear some people have a little downtime but I don’t know what that means, [to] go home and have a Tylenol. For me, I was out the door doing red carpet and the whole thing.

Stylish: So you’re already one month in, what do you think?
SM: I feel like I still might have a little bit of swelling, but I’m not sure. I just can’t wait to see the total results. I felt good about it cause I knew it was working. I felt great afterwards, and like I said I can’t wait to see the final results because you know it’s continually doing it’s job, whatever it is. I mean the fat cells are burning off and going away.

Stylish: Why did you decide to do the procedure?
SM: I’m not unhappy with my body. I didn’t do CoolSculpting because I was unhappy with my body. I did it because I just was annoyed with this little bit of fat at the line of my jeans or when I had a tight bikini on cutting in. Everything else looked so terrific I was like, “Why not?” I mean it’s very personalized.

Stylish: Have you changed your way of eating since?
SM: Well that’s what I discussed when I went in to see Dr. Belkin. It’s about having a caring lifestyle. You’re not just doing this to say, “Oh, now I can go out and eat Cheetos.” No — you continue your healthy lifestyle. It’s not a magic bullet for everything. It’s just for that little area that you’re treating [and] you keep doing everything the way you have been doing it.

Stylish: What would you tell other women who are ashamed to say they’ve done it?
SM: You know, I did feel like when I did the CoolSculpting, I was doing something for myself. I didn’t feel like it was something that I needed to be embarrassed of. It didn’t mean I was fat or unhappy it just meant, hey it’s just a little something, it’s a boost to myself. It’s like, “I think I’ll have a facial” or “I think I’ll have CoolSculpting” or “I think I’ll have Botox.” Do I have to have Botox all the time? No. Do I like to have it? Yes, occasionally. Once a year I’ll go and have a shot. It’s not a big deal. And I don’t think women should be embarrassed of self-care. Women don’t wanna talk about it if they’re getting it. And then people who don’t get it want to shame it because they don’t feel that they deserve it. And I think women do deserve to take care of themselves, and men of course.

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