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Sarah Silverman Documents Her Bikini Wax Session in Hilarious Instagram Series

Follow Sarah Silverman's Hilarious First Waxing Adventure
Comedian / Actress Sarah Silverman attends the 2019 Writers Guild Awards L.A. ceremony at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 17, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Always going for a laugh, Sarah Silverman shared a series of videos on Instagram during her first waxing appointment on Saturday, February 16. The comedian’s videos documented her real in-the-moment reactions to getting her first wax and it had Us laughing from start to finish.

“’I Got Waxed For The First/Last Time’ (in five parts),” she wrote in the caption. “Warning: my nostrils are heavily featured in these videos.” In a gray sweatshirt with her hair tied up in a bun, the videos show her from the chest up lying down

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The Ralph Breaks the Internet star starts off by convincing (mostly herself) that the pain is simply a sensation of messages being sent to her brain. In the next video she takes a deep breath right before an unseen technician pulls up the first strip. “Here we go,” she says. Even though her reaction seems to be a mixture of shock and pain she tells the camera she didn’t think it was that bad.

But her tune quickly changes as the waxing continues. “Oh,” she calls out in pain before turning it into a musical. “-klahoma where the..” she jokes. She begins to look less and less confident, with her hand balled up in a fist covering her mouth before the esthetician asks if she wants it tighter. “What does that mean?” she asks. “I mean, yes.”

The entire saga concludes with the funniest videos yet. “We’re going to do your butt now,” you can hear the esthetician say in the background swiftly prompting Silverman to motion and say to the camera, “cut.”

Anyone who’s gotten a bikini wax can relate to this situation from the nervous confidence starting out to the confusion in what exactly is going on to the full-on pain it leaves you with, making her post not only funny but also incredibly relatable to ladies everywhere who chose to zip away their hair down below.

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