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All the Details on the Eylure False Eyelash and Brow Collection Thalia Is Launching (Exclusive)

Courtesy Eyelure

Flirty and fabulous! Who better to show women that it’s never been easier to enhance their own glamour through makeup than ultraglam Latina sensation Thalia? The 46-year-old Mexican singer collaborated with beauty brand Eylure on a collection of lash and brow products that takes the guesswork out of making eyes pop. And the best news? The Eylure x Thalia false lash strips and brow boosters drop today, exclusively at ulta!

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The collection includes faux mink and natural looking lashes including the Girl Boss, delicate wispy lashes for every day, and the bolder Power Play style for $7.99 each and the Lady T ¾ style and City Cool elegant fringe for $9.99 each. To make the most of arches, there’s also a cool two-sided brow-enhancing pencil called the Contour Pencil and three shades of a palette containing brow powders.     

Courtesy Eyelure

Stylish sat down with Thalia, who’s known for often doing own her makeup herself, to talk all things beauty, including her belief that confidence comes from within, “from that connection between body, mind and spirit and the rest is just the cherry on top of the ice cream,” she tells Us. But a killer pair of lashes can’t hurt! “Lashes make me feel happy, alert,” Thalia says. “It’s like that feeling of an extra happiness, like the morning coffee… for my eyes!”   

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Stylish: So, do you always wear false eyelashes?

Thalia: Even if I’m not working and I’m just doing random things, I just like that extra spice for my eyes. My eyes are a little small and that little corner, that little extra lash opens my eyes and helps me, I love it.

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Stylish: How about with brows?

Thalia: Same with the eyebrows. To me, the eyebrows, they’ve been a trademark for so many years in my career. Some days I wake up and I want the iconic Cindy Crawford eyebrow and other days I just want a simple, more relaxed, natural brow. So, we created options in the collection for everybody. The contour pencil has that little extra shimmer, it adds that brightness under the brow that opens up your eyes — it was inspired by tricks I’ve learned from all these great makeup artists and now I can bring the tricks to the people who want to look a little extra.

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Stylish: You’re known for sometimes doing your own makeup. Did you ever take makeup classes?

Thalia: I do my own makeup most of the time, especially for the red carpet. But I learned from the makeup artists that have been around through my life and for so many years and even from the up and coming YouTubers. I just take little tricks from all of them and I put them together for what works for me and what makes my face look the best.

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Stylish: What’s the best trick you’ve ever learned?

Thalia: Just to take always remove your makeup no matter how tired you are when you come back from the party. Without the canvas that is your skin, there’s really nothing else. I use Lancome Bi-Facil remover.

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Stylish: You’re a very glamorous woman. What’s the one misconception you think people have about you?

Thalia: Maybe that I’m in that same glam the whole day. That’s not really possible. I’m a girl like you. Normal. We’re all in the same boat. So, do your makeup the way you want and the way that makes you happy and don’t live your life for other people. Be positive and grateful and thankful and have a little sparkling happiness around.