Tia Mowry Shows Us Her 11-Product ‘Beauty Sleep’ Routine: Watch

Tia Mowry doesn’t mess around when it comes to getting her beauty sleep. Her 21-minute-long routine includes 11 products and several rituals such as burning sage, bubble baths and more. Watch the exclusive video above —the latest in Us Weekly’s Beauty Sleep series — to see how the Family Reunion star winds down.

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Thanks to Mama Mowry!
“My nighttime routine has always been an experience ever since I was a teenager. My mom was just really into taking care of herself, taking care of her skin, taking care of her body. I learned a lot of that from my mother. So, thank you, Mom,” she explained to Us. “Not only does it make me feel good on the outside, but it makes me feel good on the inside. I’m always crazy busy and always doing something, you know, I’m a mom of two and I’m a working mom so I always like to end my day feeling really nice and relaxed.”

Burning Sage and Bubble Baths! Tia Mowry’s 11-Step Nighttime Routine
Tia Mowry.

Positive Vibes
“I like to burn some sage. Sage actually just gets rid of all of the negative energy and all that kind of stuff. It’s actually been scientifically proven that sage also kills bacteria in the air. So my husband, he’s always just wailing this stuff around everyone. He’ll even come around me sometimes and just do it all over my body. I’m like, “Really Corey?’,” she said, laughing. “This is another thing that I like to do before I go to bed to just get the vibes right.”

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Don’t Go to Bed with Makeup On
“I’ve learned the heard way, keeping makeup on at night when you go to sleep … you wake up, you have a pimple,” she warned. “This is Bogavia’s Cleansing Oil. I like using oils because I have dry skin, so I like to use a lot of oils on my face and my skin. As we get older, we get crow’s feet and wrinkles, or our ‘fine lines,’ should I say? ‘Cause you know, they say black down crack. I don’t want cracks in my face!”

“I go over this with an amazing product from France,” she said, while applying Collosol’s No Rinse Cleansing and Softening Milk. “This smells so good. Now my skin is clear and it has the nice glow on it.”

“The next thing I do is put toner on. Shani Darden — she is like my favorite. She’s an incredible facialist,” the Sister, Sister alum noted. “What I like about this toner is it’s very light. Its not too heavy, but it does the job.”

Age-Defying Products
“People are always asking me about my skin: ‘How is it so smooth and glowy and it looks very youthful,” the actress told Us. “It’s because I’m always moisturizing. Moisturizing is the key when it comes to your skin, especially mine. I start with Vinter’s Daughter. This is just a nice oil. Always go up [when applying], because you don’t want to drag your skin down.”

Rodin — they have this amazing luxury face oil. I’ve been using this for a minute. I have seen such a change in my skin,” she said while applying it to her face and neck. “When you’re living in such a dry climate, like California, it’s a desert and you need to keep your skin very moisturized. And, I also fly a lot and travel.”

“This is called Kiel’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and it’s another oil, I just put a few drops there,” she demoed. “I have the daytime version of this as well. Guys, this is why my skin is the way it is.”

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Beauty on the Inside
“It’s also important to work on what’s going in the inside of your body. I try to drink lots of water throughout the day and I also take my Anser Beauty Formula,” she told Us. “This is all about hair support, skin support and nail support. It has such incredible ingredients in here — coconut water powder which really helps your skin [stay] nice and hydrated. It has no fillers, no GMOs, it’s gluten-free. It’s from my supplement line — Anser. It also has papaya fruit extract which is incredible and amazing for your skin. One of my favorite things in here is red orange complex for your skin to look youthful and glowy. ”

The Power of Good Shut-Eye
“I have a lot on my plate and sometimes my mind is racing at night and it’s hard for me to just close my eyes and go to sleep, but I know the importance of sleep, and when you get the hours you need, it does a lot,” the working mom told Us. “Sleep is beneficial to your health, to your mind, to your body and to your spirit. I like to take Restful Sleep by Answer. It takes me there – it has balm leaf extract and chamomile flower extract. It has these incredible natural ingredients to get that nice sleep.”

Burning Sage and Bubble Baths! Tia Mowry’s 11-Step Nighttime Routine

Wind Down
“I love to wind down by taking a nice bath,” Mowry said. “I love just putting on some candles. It just puts me in a really nice mood. Another brand that I love is call to Lab to Beauty, they call it the Fountain of Youth Body Bath Oil. And you could just put it in your bath.”

For more of Mowry’s nighttime beauty routine, watch the exclusive video above. You can also catch her starring on Family Reunion, streaming on Netflix now.

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