Tina Fey: “I Don’t Think Botox Is for Me”


Tina Fey has faced the fact: Botox isn't for her.

"You can point any kind of laser at my face, but I don't think Botox is for me," the 30 Rock star, 39, says in the November issue of Harper's Bazaar (on newsstands Oct. 20). "I think it is bad."

Fey — who has a scar on the left side of her face after a stranger violently cut her cheek when she was kid — adds that people who have "too much" Botox "look like their faces are full of candles — a shiny, shiny face. Festive. A holiday candle."

Still, the comedienne is conscientious about her looks.

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Sometimes, on the set of 30 Rock she orders the cameramen to "frame me from the waist up."

"If there is a shot that is bad, I can take it out," she adds. "That is why L.A. is so bad, because they can take your picture from any side. That is why people in L.A. maintain 360-degree fitness. I don't have that kind of time."

A typical day for Fey (who has a daughter, Alice, 4, with her husband, composer Jeff Richmond)?

"Work, come home, play, kid bounce, work again, go to bed," she says.

Lately, though, Fey says she has been making time for "shopping."

Says the Saturday Night Live alum, "I am no longer the least stylish woman in the room."

As for her trademark specs, "I don't wear them very much in real life because I need them to see only far away," she says. "And I don't wear them when I am dressed up, because then I would look like Tootsie."

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