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Toni Collette: What’s In My Bag?

Toni Collette empties her purse for Us Weekly.
Toni Collette empties her purse for Us Weekly. Michael Pirrocco

She’s got it together! “I can never have an assistant because I’m more organized than they’d ever be,” confesses Toni Collette, 41. “I’m well-prepared for life!” says the mom of daughter Sage, 6, and son Arlo, 3 (with musician Dave Galafassi). The Australian star of A Long Way Down (in theaters now) shows Us Weekly what’s stored inside her satchel.

Sniff Her Out

“I spritz on white amber oil that’s originally from India. I buy it from a little shop called Curandera NYC, and it’s heaven. All I want to do is smell myself!”

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Safe Space

“I keep a plastic jar with me to put my wedding ring and earrings in whenever I’m working. It’s the only place I know they won’t get lost.”

Toni Collette WIMB
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Worn to Wear

“Since it’s bloody boiling outside, and every building is over-air-conditioned, I carry around a vintage denim jacket. It’s basically threadbare, but I love it!”

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Celeb Book Club

“I have two books on me. One is Invisible City by Julia Dahl, and the other is Missing Out. Michael C. Hall actually lent it to me, and I might never give it back!”

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Danke for the Memories

“When I was at the Berlinale film festival for A Long Way Down, my friend gave me a keychain with the German word Tagedieb. It means ‘stolen day.’ I love thinking of my time there when I look at it.”

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