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What Would Yeezus Wear? Two Friends Dress Like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West for Hilarious Blog

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kathleen Lee (left) and her friend Katie Burroughs (right) dress up like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for their blog What Would Yeezus Wear?Katie Maaske Ives; Milton Ventura/BroadImage

Most love stories start with a boy and a girl — this one starts with a boy and a denim shirt. When Kathleen Lee picked up a denim shirt, she immediately felt just like her fashion idol, Kanye West. She told her friend and coworker Katie Burroughs that she wanted to pair her new top with jeans — the way she had seen the rapper do it in a paparazzi picture.

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“The day I wore the denim shirt we decided to take a pic to do side by side, and the pic we found of Kanye had Kim [Kardashian] in it, and Katie was wearing almost the exact same outfit so we took it together,” Lee recalls to Us Weekly. “Both of us knew right then it was funny, and we should do another.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 2
Pals Katie Burroughs (left) and Kathleen Lee (right) tend to argue over who gets to play Kanye West on the blog #WWYW. Katie Maaske Ives; Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This idea turned into the genius tumblr page #WWYW (What Would Yeezus Wear?), which features the two San Francisco-based pals posing as the famous pair, imitating Kimye’s paparazzi shots for their photographer Katie Maaske Ives (@_kives). And though Kim Kardashian is typically the one making headlines for her style, both Lee and Burroughs tend to fight over who gets to play budding fashion designer Yeezus.

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“It is always a battle for Kanye,” Lee admits. “No offense to Kim, but some of her outfits are hard to pull off without her amazing body. We both admire Kanye as a style icon. He has really great taste and has absolutely influenced how Kim dresses, which she even attests to herself.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 3
Coworkers Kathleen Lee (left) and Katie Burroughs (right) got the idea for #WWYW when Kathleen bought a demin shirt that looked like Kanye West’s outfit. Katie Maaske Ives; Cau Antoine/Sipa

The friends work for Waterfall, a mobile messaging platform based out of San Francisco — Lee as the lead designer and Burroughs as head of HR and Culture. Though they are big fans of the Kimye phenomenon, Lee and Burroughs think their blog will appeal to the multitudes of haters out there, too.

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“As a couple they are iconic and even their haters can’t help but be fascinated by them,” Lee continues. “I think that’s why they are so appealing for this project, the people like us who already like them enjoy it, and the haters enjoy it because they see it as mocking them. We let people think what they want.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 4
Katie Burroughs (left) and Kathleen Lee (right) are based out of San Francisco, and use photographer Katie Maaske Ives to recreate the looks. Katie Maaske Ives;

The pals have focused on Kim and Kanye, but have also dabbled in some other famed pairings. For Beyonce’s 33rd birthday in September, they dressed as the pop diva and her hubby Jay Z. And Lee happily hopped on her friend’s lap to play the North West to Burrough’s Kanye.

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For the time being, the bloggers will remain focused on the Kardashian-West style playbook, but when asked if they’d be interested in copying other famous duos — we vote for Brangelina! — Lee replies, “Never say never!”

So what does the future have in store for #WWYW? Any wedding looks or maternity wear if Kimmie announces her second pregnancy?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 5
Katie Burroughs (left) and Kathleen Lee (right) have recreated some of Kimye’s best looks. Katie Maaske Ives; KGC-102/


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“We have a few things up our sleeves and few we like to call our ‘mic drop’ moments,” Lee says. “We already have discussed doing some of her pregnancy looks, we think that would be so fun! I think the whole project is dependent on Keeping up with the Kardashian-Wests so bring it on! Everyone will have to stay tuned.”

To see more looks, check out the #WWYW tumblr and Instagram pages!

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