Amber Portwood Talks ‘Teen Mom OG’ Costar Farrah Abraham: ‘I Want to Shake Her’

Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham Credit: MTV

Teen Moms in turmoil? With the Teen Mom OG premiere airing on Monday, January 4, the show took the time to do a Facebook Q&A with one of the stars, Amber Portwood.

Over the course of the Q&A, Portwood, 25, was asked about her most controversial costar, Farrah Abraham.

A fan asked, “Do ya ever just want to smash Farrah right in the face?? Cuz most of us do,” to which Portwood replied, “No I don’t ever want to smash her in the face I want to shake her and give her a bear hug.”

Portwood and Abraham, 24, have previously gotten along the best out of all of the MTV costars. In April 2015, they had a back-and-forth online after the former porn star did a podcast interview, dissing some of her costars.

“Honestly I have so much love for @F1abraham and she knows it but hey publicity is publicity right…come on,” Portwood tweeted at the time.

But in December, Abraham posted a Snapchat video of her costars calling her a “ho bag” and a “bitch.” Portwood was present in the clip, though she did not say anything about Abraham.

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