Canada's New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Is Super Hot

Canada's new prime minister is causing the Internet to melt -- meet Justin Trudeau here Credit: Lucas Oleniuk/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Well, hello there! Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has sent the Internet into a frenzy.

The 43-year-old was elected as the next prime minister after winning the majority vote over incumbent Stephen Harper on Monday, Oct. 19, and Americans took note of the tall, dark, and handsome man.

“My girlfriends and I are all moving to Canada because GOD DAYUM,” one eligible bachelorette tweeted, while another added: “Congrats to Canada for electing the first edible prime minister.” 

In case you’re wondering, Trudeau isn’t just the hottest PM to be crowned. Once he’s sworn in next month, at 43, he’ll be the second youngest person to hold the title, as well as the first son of a former prime minister to hold the position. He’s also put those good looks to work before and starred in a two-part CBC miniseries titled The Great War, and also successfully competed — shirtless — in a charity boxing event in 2012.

And, sorry, we hate to break the news, but he’s been married for a decade to a woman named Sophie Gregoire, and they have three children together.