Donald Trump set Twitter ablaze on Thursday, March 3, when he used his platform during the third Fox News debate for the GOP presidential primary to talk about the size of his penis.

The real estate mogul received screams of shock and amazement from the Detroit, Michigan, crowd as he chose to address Senator Marco Rubio's prior comments on the size of his hands, making sure to reassure his followers that there was nothing wrong with his private parts.

“He referred to my hands and said, ‘If they’re small, something else must be small,’” Trump said of Rubio’s previous assertion. “I guarantee you there’s no problem,” he added triumphantly.

Trump's unexpected and unconventional use of the GOP debate upstaged all other items on the agenda, and completely overshadowed the fact that he and Fox News host Megyn Kelly had apparently buried the hatchet after their acrimonious first debate.

"What a sad state of affairs. You all should be ashamed," one Twitter user blasted out as he shared a CNN news story relating Trump's declaration about his genitals.

"Just taking care of the most important things. like most presidential candidates do at the #GOPdebate. I wanna die," agreed another.

Check out Twitter's funniest reactions below.

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