Jennifer Lawrence has a mystery nemesis. The Passengers actress appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Monday, December 19, alongside her BFF Laura Simpson — and the duo threw some shade at an unnamed Hollywood star.

The gal pals played “Shush Your BFF Lush,” in which Simpson was behind the bar and had to either answer the question about Lawrence or take a sip of her giant drink.

Host Andy Cohen asked Simpson to reveal the meanest thing that her bestie has ever said about a celebrity without naming any names. “There’s somebody that we … there’s a lot of nicknames for certain celebrities,” she said. “There’s the Lady, there’s Pickle. Who else do we have?”

Lawrence, 26, interjected, “Well, the Lady has different variations. There’s the Raging Lady, the Lady in Red, the Lady in Waiting.” She added that they “collectively loathe” the nicknamed stars.

While the duo was happy to dish on that question, Simpson was forced to drink to get out of answering some others, including the one celebrity that Lawrence refuses to do a movie with. When the Hunger Games actress’ grossest habit came up, Simpson replied, “I have to take a drink on that one. I’m getting drunk.” 

Thankfully, Simpson also confirmed that the Kentucky girl is really down to earth. “She doesn’t really have that many diva moments but when she does I’ll be like, ‘Nah,' and she’s like, ‘You’re right.'”

Another topic that Lawrence wasn’t down to dish about on the talk show: her love life. Cohen told the Oscar winner that Nick Jonas has a crush on her and asked if she has a boyfriend. Lawrence responded by simply blowing bubbles in her drink to avoid discussing her new director beau, Darren Aronofsky. The pair have been spotted on several PDA-filled outings in the last few months. 

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