Telling it like it is. Joe Biden jokingly made the sign of the cross when Jimmy Fallon asked him about Donald Trump during an appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday, September 29. "Bless me, Father, for I'm about to sin," the Vice President quipped.

As he talked about watching the first presidential debate that took place between Republican presidential candidate Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday, September 26, Biden, 73, said, "For a while there I thought, I've never quite seen anything like that. … I've never seen anybody who knew as few facts."

"What amazes me about Donald Trump — and he's probably a decent guy — but it's his lack of sensibilities," the former Delaware senator continued.

On Trump's assertion that he was rooting for the housing market to fail, because "that's business," the VP said, “That's not business, that's callous.”

Then he referred to the moment in the debate when the former reality star boasted that not paying federal taxes makes him "smart."

"What does that make the rest of us? Suckers?" Biden said.

“Can you think of any president, any president you've studied, read about, or knew, who would say anything like that?" he asked the audience. "Name me one president who would do that. It angers me, quite frankly."

"I didn't know you could choose to not pay your taxes," Fallon, 42, countered.

"It's one of the things that the American people really resent," Biden continued. "The American people don't like being played for suckers, and you've got somebody working the assembly line making 51 thousand bucks, his wife making 50 thousand bucks working in another factory, and they're paying 15 percent of their income [in taxes], they're trying to raise two kids. I can't imagine why somebody would say that, 'That makes me smart.'"

He told Fallon that his dad had an expression when people would tell him they paid too much in taxes. "He'd say, 'Look, it's a small price to pay to live in this country.'"

And then Biden added, "I mean, just pay your fair share, for God's sake!"

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